Who are the Youngest Players in the MLB


Professional baseball is inundated with youngsters. Due to its massive farm system of minor league teams, players can begin climbing their way up to the big league as teenagers (keep in mind players have to be at least 16 years old to try out for a major league organization). This leads to quite a few fresh faces hoping to make an MLB debut, and although the road to the majors can often take years, there is always a crop of “kids” making their major league debut every season.

Let’s take a look to see how young the youngest MLB players actually are.

Young Sluggers


The youngest player in MLB is Víctor Robles, who plays for the Washington Nationals. The 20-year-old hailed from the Dominican Republic and made his major league debut late in the season on Sept. 7, 2017. Ozzie Albies, also 20, is the second youngest. He plays for the Atlanta Braves and also made his majors debut during the 2017-18 season. The third youngest player is 21-year-old Rafael Devers, who plays for the Boston Red Sox. His big league debut was smack in the middle of summer 2017.

The rest of the 10 youngest MLB players are 21 – not babies, for sure, but not seasoned veterans either. Pitcher Julio Urías (Los Angeles Dodgers) is the fourth youngest player in the majors but hit the bigs in 2016 at age 19. Fifth on the list is Luis Torrens, a backup catcher for the San Diego Padres. Sixth is Magneuris Sierra, who made his debut for the St. Louis Cardinals in early 2017.

The final four are Franklin Barreto (Oakland Athletics), Richard Urena (Toronto Blue Jays), Francis Martes (Houston Astros) and Amed Rosario (New York Mets).

Rising Stars


The 2017 All-Star Game featured greats from both leagues. Here, we highlight the two youngest players on each team’s lineup.

Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa was the youngest player on the American squad at age 23. Correa earned Rookie of the Year honors after the 2015 season and watched his batting average soar, reaching over 0.300 during the 2016-17 season.

Bryce Harper gets the nod for the youngest player on the National team. Harper, 25, was just 19 when he made his MLB debut for the Washington Nationals. Since then, he’s earned a National League MVP award, and don’t forget that the 2017 All-Star Game wasn’t his first rodeo – he went during his rookie year and the year after and – after missing out in 2014 – went another three consecutive years.

Youngest of the Young


We took a look at the youngest players across the entire major leagues to discover the youngest player on each franchise’s roster. We outlined the top 10 earlier, but there are plenty of youth to go around the rest of the bigs. Raul Mondesi, 22, is one example. The Kansas City Royals player was the first to make his major league debut during the World Series when he was just 20 years old.

Ketel Marté is another youngster, and while he’s definitely not a rookie (the 24-year-old shortstop made his MLB debut in 2015 for the Mariners), the now Arizona Diamondback is still the youngest on his team. Joe Jiminéz, on the other hand, is still a rookie. The right-handed pitcher hurls for the Detroit Tigers and made his MLB debut in 2017.

Other young players include outfielder Nomar Mazara (22, Texas Rangers), who made his major league debut in April 2016, Yoan Moncada (22, Chicago White Sox), and Tyler Wade (22, New York Yankees).

It All Starts Here

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