The Sports Fanatics Guide to College Dorm Gear

One of the most exciting parts of going off to college is decorating your dorm room. Dorm rooms are living spaces for a full academic year, so it is important to make them comfortable and welcoming. It is where students rest their heads at the end of a long day and where they wake up in the mornings. It becomes a home away from home.

For many students, it is their first time decorating a space of their own. Dorm rooms are a blank slate. They are ready to be customized and brought to life. This gives students the opportunity to customize their space to reflect their tastes, interests, and preferences. Dorm room decor is a reflection of the student and what is important to them. For sports fanatics, that may mean decking out a dorm room with college game day insignia.

Ohio State Buckeyes Imperial Reclaimed Side Table

Make the Space Work for You

On average, dorm rooms are 228 square feet. When shared with a roommate, that leaves 114 square feet to work with. It may not be much, but fear not. No matter how small a space is, personal touches can be added to reflect each individual’s style, interests, and school spirit.

When getting started, students should consider what they admire in a living space. What did they like about the home they grew up in? What type of aesthetic do they feel drawn toward? Does the student like bright colors, school memorabilia, or picture frames with photos of friends and family? Students should start by writing a list of what is important to include in their new living space.

Georgia Bulldogs 24

Coordinate With Roommates

Since students will live in a shared space, it is helpful for roommates to coordinate ahead of move-in day. Discuss who is able to bring larger items like televisions, rugs, and coffee makers. Dividing up what each roommate will bring will help to maximize the small, shared space.

Although the room is shared, students can still incorporate their own personal touches. Each roommate has their own interests and decoration preferences, but a cohesive look can be created by selecting decor around a theme. Many roommates choose an interest that they have in common, and what better theme than the reason that brought the roommates together — their new university and shared school pride.

School spirit is more than an inside feeling. It can be displayed proudly by decking out a dorm room with university memorabilia. Fanatics has school-spirited dorm gear for anything that you may need. You can easily shop by item or by a college team. We’ve compiled some of the best college dorm gear for sports fanatics and scholars alike.

North Carolina Tar Heels 54'' x 84'' UltraSoft Blanket

Get Cozy

Everyone needs a cozy blanket. Feel the warmth of school pride with an ultra-soft or microfleece blanket. Don’t forget a team mascot pillow to match. After long nights of studying, morning showers are key to waking students up and helping them to prepare for the day ahead. Students can wrap themselves in school spirit with towels that are sure to get them compliments in the communal bathrooms.

Alabama Crimson Tide WinCraft Personalized 11'' x 17'' Fan Cave Wood Sign

Transform Blank Walls

Plain, white dorm room walls don’t need to stay boring. Decorate walls with signage like a school mascot, logo, or a flag. Students can make their dorm room feel even more like home by personalizing wall art with their names.

A pennant is a classic way to show school spirit. It’s small enough to fit in the wall space above a bed or even on the back of a door. This college decoration never goes out of style. If students have more space, opt for a school flag. Flags are the perfect decoration to fill a large wall space.

Boston University Galaxy Pencil Caddy - SilverTexas Longhorns Personalized 5000 mAh Solid Design Wireless Powerbank

School Supplies

Pens, pencils, notepads, and sticky notes will be needed for classes and studying. Add some fun to study time by opting for items with school colors. From a cordless mouse to three-piece stationery sets, there is something for every student.

Show your school spirit with a Personalized 5000 mAh Wireless Powerbank. A must-have to keep your phone charged when you need it most. Its charge level indicator lets you know how much battery life it has and features printed school logo graphics on the front.

Ditch the Clutter

In such a small space, organization is key to keeping space free from clutter. Roommates can avoid bickering by keeping each side of their room tidy. Desk boxes and organizers are tools to help to keep desks free of stray papers. There are even school pride wastebaskets and pen caddies to help students stay clutter-free.

Ole Miss Rebels Badge Reel

Speaking of organization, students should be ready to keep their student IDs nearby at all times with a branded badge reel. In college, student IDs are a lifeline. The ID card grants access to the entrance of university buildings, accessing meal plans, and much more. The branded badge reel clips onto jeans or backpacks for easy accessibility. As a bonus, having the badge clipped on decreases the chances of losing a student ID.

Michigan Wolverines Team Colors Doormat

Help floors stay clean with a university doormat. From college mascots to college sports fields and arenas, there are a variety of fun doormat options to keep the dirt out of your dorm room. Resident assistants (RAs) are sure to be impressed! Don’t forget to pack a vacuum or broom as well.

 Auburn Tigers Wireless Insignia Design Earbuds

Plug-In With Electronics

In these modern times, electronics are needed to complete assignments. Aside from computers, laptops, and printers, other electronics can improve the college experience. Wireless headphones and earbuds are available with school insignia and can help students tune out outside distractions. These are helpful when trying to study in a noisy dorm or even when students need to listen to an online lecture.

Worried about losing battery charge while on campus? Check out wireless power banks that are small enough to fit into a backpack. Students can enjoy downtime and unwind with school-spirited Bluetooth speakers. These are the perfect addition to any dorm room and make a great gift for grads.

Tennessee Volunteers Magma Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

For those students who are night owls, consider bringing a lamp. This will allow late-night studiers to work at their desk without the overhead light so a sleeping roommate can get some shut-eye. To add some fun to a dorm room, check out the light switch covers and magma lamps. They are sure to be a conversation starter!

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Fanatics Branded First Sprint Team T-Shirt - Heathered Gray

Gear to Match

Don’t stop at decorations, students should get gear to match. Students will need college spirit gear for homecoming, sports games, university events, and more. The good news is that college game day gear is comfortable. Stock up on T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, sweatpants, and more. Students will wear this gear for the next four years and beyond. Apparel is the perfect way to show off school pride.

When students head home for the holidays, they can stock up on gear for the whole family. College spirit gear makes the perfect gift. Family and friends will be reminded of their loved one anytime they wear them and will be proud to represent their college.

Enjoy the Journey

Decorating a dorm room is a fun way for students to express themselves. It is their chance to make a new space feel like home. Creating a space students feel comfortable in will help them develop their own personal sanctuary. Customizing a space allows students to return to an environment where they feel comfortable and at peace.

Students don’t need to worry about creating a perfect dorm room. By determining what is most important to them, they can create a space where they thrive. Decorating a dorm room is another exciting step on the journey they are about to embark on. This is one piece of the next four years.

Look on the Fanatics website for decoration inspiration. Students should take pride in their college acceptance and the university and history they are joining. By adding college insignia to a dorm room, students create a sense of pride and school spirit that goes beyond the classroom or college game day. Decking out dorm rooms is the perfect way to show school pride.



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