Texas Christian University Mascot: Horned Frogs


Long History, Multiple Conferences, Recent Success

Texas Christian University got its start in 1873 when brothers Addison and Randolph Clark founded AddRan Male and Female College in Thorp Spring, Texas. The school relocated in 1910 to its present-day location in downtown Fort Worth after moving to Waco, Texas, in 1895 and going through two name changes (AddRan Christian University in 1889 and Texas Christian University in 1902).  

TCU has competed on the gridiron since 1896, when an early team was assembled among the more robust students. TCU entered the Southwest Athletic Conference in 1923. Since then, TCU has bounced through a few other conferences, ultimately landing in the Big 12 in 2012, where the college remains today.

While an “official” rivalry has yet to be declared, TCU’s rivalry with Baylor University, another private Christian college in Texas, is pretty hard to deny. In addition to the proximity of the campuses, Texas and Baylor are both currently situated in the Big 12, which helps guarantee frequent matchups and opportunities for trash talking.

TCU has enjoyed quite a bit of success as of late and can boast several NFL players among their alumni, the most prominent of which is Cincinnati Bengals starting quarterback Andy Dalton.

Not Really a Frog, But Who Cares?

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Why did TCU choose a horned frog as its mascot? Legend says that during the college’s first football practice, there was a group of “horny toads” on the field. Hype grew after a photo of the creatures made its way onto the yearbook cover, and the idea of using the animal as the school’s mascot only gained steam from then on.

However, there is a plot twist. The critter the team encountered in 1896 wasn’t a frog – it was a short-horned lizard, a reptile that squirts blood out of its eyes as a defense mechanism. The school is aware of this (in other words, they aren’t confused), but they think it sounds cooler than “horned lizard” anyway.

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While the school mascot was determined early on, nobody suited up as a horned frog until 1979. SuperFrog – created as a mascot the crowd could laugh with instead of laugh at – has since been a sideline staple of the Horned Frogs. It’s become a fan favorite at TCU functions.

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