Superhero Sports Teams


When two alternate universes (Marvel and DC) collide, factions pair up to face the impending threat of their newfound enemies. Superheroes take down supervillains on a daily basis – but will they triumph or falter in the realm of sports? Step up to the mound, and cast your vote for the best-suited heroes and villains to fill the roster!

We compiled a list of all heroes and villains from the Superhero Database and created a live interactive survey that allows you to draft the perfect super team for baseball, hockey, football, and basketball. Positions will automatically update after every vote – only keeping the hero with the most votes in each respective position. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and vote!  

Before getting started, please bear in mind the rules set in place by these heroes and villains. First off, only one faction consisting of heroes or villains may fill a roster. Second, make sure to hit “submit” after every vote – Hulk gets mighty infuriated by incomplete tasks! Third, please be kind to all heroes and villains – the lesser-known beings in capes and spandex need some lovin’ too.

Superhero Draft

Now, before you go off spouting about unfair teams, keep in mind the Marvel and DC universes are vast and full of mysterious powers – with endless options to choose from. Will the Flash perform better jetting the ball down the field as a running back or going long as the wide receiver? Which Robin, the Boy Wonder, has the nastiest layup on the court – Damian Wayne or Richard Grayson? Modern pitchers are often referred to as flamethrowers – the perfect position for a hothead like Johnny Storm, the Human Torch.

One-timers would slam right into the webs of Spider-Man’s specialized wristlet shooters – not to mention he has the ultimate puck control provided by his sticky hands. Don’t forget that each team needs a leader – communicating to players on the field, court, or rink via telepathy is a major advantage to have against any opponent. Yes, we’re talking about you, Professor X.

Remember, some heroes and villains work well with their partners from the past (do the Avengers, Justice League, or Suicide Squad ring a bell?). With rivals among each other, tensions are sure to rise – keep the competition high by pitting players against their worst nightmares! Stats are a thing of the past, so focus on the core powers of each player to unlock the greatest sports teams the world has ever seen. The fight is on, and the world is at stake. Forget your gut feeling: Go with the pick that gets your Spidey-senses tingling. Vote now!

Hey Superbeing, Swing Superbeing


The first votes are in, and your super-charged roster is now ready to take the baseball field!

The dynamic relationship between the pitcher and catcher captures the true essence of the game and sets the tone throughout the rest of the field, which is why fans voted for the deadly duo Bullseye and Deadpool as the team’s pitcher and catcher, respectively.

Bullseye is a natural-born athlete blessed with an innate ability to throw any projectile with flawless precision. In addition to having the gift of unerring hand-eye coordination, Bullseye is known for throwing ordinary objects as lethal projectiles, which is why Wade Wilson (also known as Deadpool) is the ideal catcher for this non-literal flamethrower. Between his regenerative healing powers and superhuman stamina, Deadpool serves as the perfect player to endure lethal pitches jetting down the dirt strip. Let’s just hope that he keeps his catcher’s mask on.

Big-ticket players such as Hulk, Arsenal, Spider-Man, and Wonder Girl were drafted to guard the infield bases. Now picture this, you smack a grounder straight past Arsenal only to be greeted with fear by the Green Goliath (Hulk) fielding first base. If you manage to find the base, make sure to run straight through because an enraged Bruce Banner is one you do not want to deal with. Oh, and don’t even think about stealing second – that’s a surefire way to get Hulk-smashed into the clay.

Power hitters, beware – if you were planning on launching the ball out of the park, think again. The talented outfield trio can field virtually any ground balls, fly balls, and line drives heading in their direction. Centerfield is played by none other than Mister Fantastic himself, Reed Richards. A pure genius on and off the field, Richards can stretch and expand the mass of his entire body to a maximum length of 1,500 feet. If the ball does manage to slip through Richards’ flexible molecular structure, he always has Thing and Spider-Woman as stalwart left and right fielders to back him up. Any batter that takes a swing of faith should know that if their ball reaches the outfield, “it’s CLOBBERIN’ time!”  

Slapshot Superheroes


You asked, and we listened. The starting lineup to take the rink has been released, and by the looks of it, the ice cleaning crew surely has their work cut out for them.

Ranking in as the top-voted netminder is the articulate web-slinger himself, Spider-Man (Peter Parker). In addition to his specialized wristlet-shooters, Parker can block any shot with the help of his spidey-senses, providing him with an early detection warning system. Oh, and aside from his superhuman strength (capable of lifting 20 tons), the Spider is also around 18 times more agile than the average earthling.

Spider-Man is joined by some familiar faces, as his Avengers teammates – Hulk and Captain America – join him on the ice as the starting defensemen. If this ultimate trio can fend the universe from Ultron, then we wish the opposing team a copious amount of luck putting some integers on the scoreboard.

Rounding up the defensive zone is Marvel’s ultimate bromance – Deadpool and Wolverine. Both heroes have a unique physiology between the adamantium bonded to Wolverine’s skeleton and Wilson’s enhanced regenerative healing abilities. The duo is not afraid to take a hit to make a play.

Courtside Capes


Clear the court: It’s time for the superbeing ballers to show us what they’re made of.

Considering that the typical traits of a center include great height and superior strength, electing Groot for this position is a good choice. Move on over Hassan Whiteside, because Groot is looking to make a name for himself as a traditional center. Groot has a unique ability that allows him to sprout, increasing his mass and enhancing his core strength. Although this power severely inhibits his movement, Groot can create cuttings, or miniature versions of himself, that can participate in the on-court action.

Groot lacks proper communication skills due to the hardened nature of his larynx, which translates to him spouting his trademark: “I am Groot!”

This weakness isn’t as pivotal as it seems considering that the two forwards on the court, Wonder Woman (power forward) and Doctor Strange (small forward), are used to interacting with beings from another planet or dimension. Diana Prince is the perfect offensive player considering she is sculpted from clay and blessed with attributes derived from several Olympian gods. On the other hand, Doctor Strange has been described as “the mightiest magician in the cosmos” and has skills on par with cosmic entities, so good luck defending his astronomical shots.

When Universes Collide: Gridiron Edition


Drum roll, please. Ladies and gentleman, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for; we’re pleased to present the fan-voted, super-charged American football starting lineup. Take a look below as we break down each side of the field by highlighting the selected heroes and villains for some of the essential positions on the gridiron.


The lineup consists of a healthy offensive line including players such as the chemically enhanced Sentry (guard) and the elemental powerlifter Swamp Thing (guard) fending off any forces heading toward their quarterback. Speaking of the devil, Hawkeye – the expert marksman – serves as the team’s quarterback. Known for throwing objects with extreme speed and near-perfect accuracy, Clint has the choice of hitting either the Scarlet Speedster Flash II (wide receiver) with a Hail Mary pass or handing the ball off to the unstoppable Juggernaut (running back), because as his reputation implies … once he starts running, there’s no stopping him.


As far as the defensive line goes, fans voted for some power players including the likes of Thor Girl (defensive end), Wonder Girl (defensive end), Hulk (defensive tackle), and Red Hulk (defensive tackle) – a lineup ready to block all passes and prevent the offense from gaining yards. There to back up the defensive line is She-Hulk (outside linebacker), Captain America (middle linebacker), and Superboy-Prime (outside linebacker). Each chosen for a dominant powerstat (strength, durability, power, and combat), this unique squad is the perfect trio for pass coverage, both zone and man-to-man.

Coaching Staff:

Fans voted for some of the smartest minds found in the Marvel and DC universes to lead this gang of gridiron greats to victory. All three members of the coaching staff have a perfect 10 under the intelligence section of their powerstats. Batman (Bruce Wayne) has genius-level intellect and is widely regarded as an analytical thinker, skilled strategist, and leading commander in the DC world. The Dark Knight is accompanied on the sidelines by his arch nemesis Ra’s Al Ghul (defensive coordinator) as well as mutant-rights activist Professor X (offensive coordinator). The telepathy will definitely assist in executing a hurry up offense, but Dr. X will also have to serve as a mediator between the rest of the staff.

Nothing but Sticky Net


As if we didn’t fan the flames of fandom enough for Peter Parker, it just so happens that this version of Spider-Man also ranked as the No. 1 goaltender to occupy the net on the ice. As a result of his rebirth, Parker has increased sensory awareness via vibrational patterns conveyed through his web-slingers. Combine this ability with a high intelligence (90 points) and combat score (85 points) and the Montreal Canadiens might have a new goaltender; sorry Carey Price. Just make sure to stay in compliance with the league by clearing the net of any sticky webs before the puck drops.

Rounding up the top three best netminders are polar-opposite beings Quicksilver (Pietro Django Maximoff) and Groot. The playstyle of your team will determine your choice between the superhumans. Quicksilver excels in speed (with a perfect score of 100), so expect a lot of quick puck-handling behind the net. Conversely, Groot shines with power (also scoring a perfect 100), allowing him to absorb the impact of 1 million pucks without breaking a sweat.

The New GOAT


By now, we’re sure that you’ve recovered from the spectacular showdown known as the Big Game. If one thing has been established from this championship game, it’s the fact that Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, has officially sealed the title as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), but is he truly?

Maybe in real life he is, but fans beg to differ in the fictional world. After sorting through all of the formal votes, Hawkeye (Clinton Francis Barton) – the master marksman – has been ranked as the top quarterback in this fictional league. Hawkeye hones his skills by practicing a minimum of two hours a day, granting him near-perfect precision with any object thrown. In addition to having keen eyesight and unerring accuracy, Hawkeye also has a proven track record as a competent strategist and field commander (think West Coast Avengers and the Thunderbolts), making him the ideal candidate to lead any team’s offensive. So, we think it’s safe to say, Brady, you’ll have some competition shortly.

Heroes and Villains Will Return For the Next Game

So, there you have it folks … the votes are in, and starting lineups have been made. Now, all that’s left is to watch the madness unfold on the various fields, courts, and rinks around the nation. Keep in mind that superheroes and villains need all the public support they can gather. That’s why Fanatics has got you covered from head to toe with the hottest fan gear and memorabilia in the game (including the fancy capes and spandex).