Sports Traditions: Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel


Timeless Traditions: Terrible Towel

Pittsburgh Steelers fans have a rather unique love affair with towels, and one in particular: the Terrible Towel. How did this yellow cotton bathroom fixture end up elevated from drying duties to team lore? Today we demystify the origins of the Terrible Towel for everyone who is not a member of #SteelersNation.

Sacred Yellow Cotton

Myron Cope, a former Steelers radio announcer, concocted the idea for a way to rally home fans during the team’s playoff run in 1975. The team eventually won Super Bowl X versus the Dallas Cowboys, and since then the towel has served as a secondary banner for the team.

Since 2010, esteemed guests visiting Heinz Field have had the chance to participate in the “Terrible Towel Twirl,” where they are allowed to lead the crowd in this pre-kickoff tradition. Even one of the first men on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, has had the chance to lead tens of thousands of fans in this timeless tradition.

All Around The World

Given the importance of the Terrible Towel as a symbol for Steelers fans, and its extreme portability, they’ve been spotted all over the world thanks to many members of #SteelersNation.

Look, it made it to the Colosseum!

It’s also been on a cruise (and hopefully made its way to a buffet or two).

The warm, Indonesian island of Bali looks like the perfect place for a Terrible Towel.

And some have even looked to see if it’ll pick up the luck of the Irish. But does your team really need luck when they have Antonio Brown?

Wave Those Towels!

Are you a member of #SteelersNation? Do you wave your Terrible Towel in the air like you just don’t care? Don’t forget to complete the look with the best officially licensed NFL merchandise and apparel at Fans of the other 31 NFL teams are welcome too!




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