Sports Traditions: The Masters Golf Tournament Green Jacket


Sports are wild and wonderful and full of traditions you may not fully understand. From not talking to a pitcher who is on a perfect game to not shaving as long as your team is winning in the playoffs, there’s countless examples chronicled throughout the years. Today, we’re answering the question: Why does the winner of The Masters Golf Tournament receive a green jacket, or blazer, when they win?

Golf’s Most Legendary Threads

The green jacket didn’t start as an award for the winner of The Masters Golf Tournament, but as a way to distinguish club members at Augusta National by founder Cliff Roberts. The 300-odd members are entitled to wear the green jacket, made from tropical-weight wool in a factory in Dublin, Georgia. That’s right, club members such as Microsoft founder Bill Gates and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sport these green blazers beside the likes of Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods.

15 years after the first Masters at Augusta National in 1934, 1949 champion Sam Snead became the first to receive a green jacket alongside his other prizes. Almost 70 jackets have been issued since that time, and winners are allowed to wear them anywhere in during their year as champion. Once another blazer has been awarded, they are asked to leave the green blazer behind at Augusta National for future use only on club grounds.

Winners are given a jacket by the winner of the prior year’s Masters, as Jordan Spieth did for Danny Willett in 2016, but they won’t receive their actual coat until a month later. That placeholder is just for the pictures.

Hole In One

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