New Look NHL Jerseys: Pacific Division


Pacific Division Jerseys

NHL fans rejoice as the Fanatics Breakaway replica jerseys have finally been revealed – showcasing the new jerseys each team will rock during the upcoming season.

As the contract with former NHL jersey manufacturer Reebok reached expiration, the league sought out a new partnership, reaching a seven-year deal with Adidas and a 16-year agreement with Fanatics Branded. These sportswear giants are determined to set a new high-water mark.

Continue reading to view the visuals of the Fanatics Branded jerseys, and get your first look at the inaugural uniform for the new kids on the block, the Vegas Golden Knights.

Anaheim Ducks




As the league transitions to new threads, the Anaheim Ducks have chosen to keep their team’s previous design. The Fanatics Breakaway jersey maintains the same colorway and patterns, but now has white, tied-down laces rather than loose black ones.

Arizona Coyotes




Just like their SoCal neighbors, the Arizona Coyotes decided to carry over their previous colors and design to their new Breakaway threads. The team’s logo now sits higher on the shoulders, and black patches have been added to the collar.

Calgary Flames




The Calgary Flames jersey for next season will feature tied-down laces below the collar (which now has more red and less black). The Flames ditched the piping that had trailed the side of the jersey, while the Alberta and Canadian flags retain their respective spots atop the shoulders.

Edmonton Oilers




The Edmonton Oilers usher in a new era of “Orange Crush” with their new Breakaway threads. The Oilers maintain the same colorway as the previous version but utilize a darker shade of blue on the jersey. Blue player numbers now appear on the sleeves paired with a white outline.

Orange stripes now lie between the white and blue strips of the sleeve, as well as the waistline. The most notable changes come from the collar, which is now blue with a sliver of white at the very top. Let’s see if the new orange threads can spark another playoff run for the energized Oilers.

Los Angeles Kings




The 14th primary jersey for the Los Angeles Kings features minor changes compared to the team’s previous threads. The shield logo has been shrunk slightly but remains in the center of the jersey. The piping across the upper half of the sweater is lower, creating a more “squared” feel for the timeless design.

San Jose Sharks




The San Jose Sharks opted in preserving the identity of their team’s jersey by carrying over a similar design for the Fanatics-crafted sweaters, except for the modernized secondary logo that appears as patches on the shoulders.

Vancouver Canucks




Skating down the same path as many other teams in the Pacific Division, the Vancouver Canucks stuck to their traditional mainstays. Minor modifications made to the collar ditch the majority of white and welcome more blue. Player numbers remain on the sleeves, and the “Canuck Whale” logo lives to see another season.

Vegas Golden Knights




Drum roll, please …

And here are the Vegas Golden Knights’ brand new threads you’ve all been waiting for. The not-so-golden Knights’ inaugural jersey will sport a “storm gray” and black colorway, along with a white and gold trim. Bill Foley, the team’s majority owner, utilized West Point’s color scheme, a nod to his alma mater.

The team’s secondary logo is situated on the shoulders, while the collar follows a simple steel gray and black design. The most interesting feature? The sleeves. Three panels of black, gold, and red stack on top of each other and host player numbers both filled and outlined in white. The two-tone waistline presents a thin gold strip right above a mass of black to finish the jersey.

We can’t forget to point out that the gloves are white and gold.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Whether you’re a diehard hockey fan or just enjoy watching hockey at your leisure, be sure to gear up in the latest Fanatics Breakaway replica jerseys. Unsure of where to find the brand-new threads? Have no fear. has you covered from head to toe with the newest NHL apparel to hit the ice.




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