New Look NHL Jerseys: Metropolitan Division

NHL Jerseys Metropolitan Division

Metropolitan Modifications

The NHL, partnered with Adidas and Fanatics, have finally revealed the new look for all 31 NHL teams, with changes in design ranging from minor modifications to complete overhauls. Fanatics Branded – the company’s merchandise division – has signed on to be the exclusive manufacturer of all replica adult NHL jerseys.

Read on to learn more about the modifications made to the eight teams competing in the Metropolitan Division.

Carolina Hurricanes




The Carolina Hurricanes ushered in a new wave of #Redvolution by debuting a striking red and black jersey design. The team’s iconic circle hurricane logo is situated in the center of the sweater with the classic NHL badge placed at the collar base.

In synchrony with the Canes’ 20th anniversary season, the original warning flag pattern returns on the waistline of the jersey and features another red hue. Black has also been more prominent in the jersey’s design, with the inclusion of black stripes surrounding the existing white stripes on the waistline and sleeves.

Columbus Blue Jackets





Minimal changes are made to the new rendition of the Columbus Blue Jackets jersey. Fans will notice modifications made to the collar – now featuring the NHL logo at the collar base – as well as a new accent along the neckline. The shoulders welcome a new look with a dotted pattern fill.

New York Rangers




The Broadway Blueshirts stick to their moniker with a patriotic red, white, and blue colorway. The “Rangers” wordmark slants diagonally down the chest of the jersey in a red font. This iteration of the New York Rangers’ outfit is predominantly blue, but features red and white stripes on the sleeves and waistline.

New York Islanders




Minimal changes were made to the New York Islanders’ home uniforms. If anything, the Isle’s road white jersey embraces change by incorporating a blue ring around the team’s primary logo.

New Jersey Devils




The New Jersey Devils’ brand-new sweater symbolizes the team’s history. The red collar is a nod to the Kansas City Scouts, while the three equal-width red, white, and black sleeve stripes pay tribute to the former Colorado Rockies (both the Scouts and the Rockies were previous teams in the franchise’s history). One notable addition to the jersey is the championship collar – you can find the Devils’ three Stanley Cup championship seasons embedded within the collar.

Pittsburgh Penguins




The reigning Stanley Cup champions receive minor modifications to their jerseys. The Pens ditch the V-neckline and add more yellow to the collar. All in all, the Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys have subtle changes that make bold statements.

Philadelphia Flyers




The Philadelphia Flyers’ new sweater almost identically resembles their classic look used last season, except for some changes to the white striping on the sleeves.

Washington Capitals




Not much has changed over in the nation’s capital. The Washington Capitals’ “Weagle” logo now sits higher on the shoulders. The most notable change comes from modifications to the blue piping and collar. The new threads display a more “boxy” look as the piping adopted a new position on the jersey.

It’s Time to Gear Up

Well there you have it, folks – the brand-new Fanatics Breakaway jerseys showcased for the Metropolitan Division. Excited for next season? Continue the hype surrounding each team’s fresh gear by heading over to today, and purchase a replica jersey for yourself!




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