New Look NHL Jerseys: Atlantic Division


Atlantic’s Authentic Jerseys

After months of anticipation and social media teases, the NHL – now partnered with Adidas and Fanatics – has revealed the latest uniforms for the 2017-18 season.

Fanatics inked a 16-year deal with Fanatics to spearhead the production of all replica adult jerseys. Produced by Fanatics Branded – the online retailer’s merchandise division – the “Breakaway” jersey was designed by incorporating the views of over 15,000 fans to create the ultimate gameday jersey.

As for the players, Adidas is changing the fashion-tech barrier by implementing the most recent line of high-performance jerseys. The ADIZERO Authentic NHL jersey aims to deliver breathability and heighten performance levels by incorporating Adidas Clima technology into the sweaters’ fabrics. The new threads maximize air circulation by using materials that are nearly 133 percent more permeable than the current material in play.

Continue reading to see how your favorite teams tweaked their jerseys with a little help from Adidas and their pals over at Fanatics.

Boston Bruins




The Boston Bruins’ redesigned jersey boasts the traditional black-and-gold colorway, as well as the iconic spoked “B” logo. Notable changes include the socks switching from yellow to black and a lack of black outlines throughout the new threads. The nameplate on the back of the sweaters opts for white outlining between the gold lettering, rather than the mainstay black lining.

Buffalo Sabres




While fans await the day that the Buffalo Sabres bring back their royal blue threads, the team’s new sweater sticks with the navy blue introduced in the early 2000s. This iteration of the Sabs jersey ditches the piping that was on the previous version, as well as the abnormal gray armpit patch. By the looks of it, the Sabres will be the only franchise to host player numbers on the front of their sweaters.

Detroit Red Wings




The Detroit Red Wings collaborated with Adidas to preserve their traditional red and white mainstays, and the Fanatics Breakaway line adhered. Motor City’s new jerseys come with no additional features. Nameplates remain nowhere to be found, and the individually stitched letters on the back of the jerseys are identical to the prior version.

Florida Panthers


Considering the Florida Panthers received a complete face-lift last season, the Cats’ new look remains the same at large. The most notable change on the new sweater is the larger logo shield that sits in the center of the jersey.

Montreal Canadiens





Minor tweaks were made to the Montreal Canadiens’ classic ‘fit. The Habs ditch the Reebok logo and incorporate the official NHL base at the collar base. The most interesting feature is the addition of the Habs torch motto on the inside of the collar. The motto is scripted in French but translates to: “From failing hands, we throw the torch.”

Ottawa Senators




Not much has changed in the North, at least with the Ottawa Senators’ newly revealed jerseys. The sweater places the Sens’ alternative flag logo a little higher on the shoulder blades and is surrounded by the dotted-pattern fill rendered onto the team’s sweater.

Tampa Bay Lightning




The Tampa Bay Lightning take pride in their newly designed sweaters. The home jersey is predominantly blue and is a sharp take on the league’s minimalistic jerseys. While the Bolts’ new ‘fit remains relatively unchanged, a notable tweak includes the elimination of the laces from the neckline.

Toronto Maple Leafs




After the launch of their rebranding initiative in 2016, the Toronto Maple Leafs chose to maintain their image in the team’s enhanced Adidas and Breakaway gear.

Bring the Hype

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