NFL Tickets: When Do They Go on Sale? Best Time to Purchase?

Every year, just as NFL tickets go on sale, they’re quickly scooped up by lifelong fans vying for their chance to see their favorite teams play yet again. Some are looking for tickets to a single game, while others are hunting down season tickets. Alongside the fanatics are new football enthusiasts who are interested in seeing an NFL game for the first time. Whether they’re seasoned veterans or are beginners learning the ins and outs of the game, many are looking for an answer to one very important question: When do NFL tickets go on sale?

When Do NFL Tickets Go on Sale?

NFL tickets typically go on sale shortly after the league announces the schedule for the year. This year, the 2022 season was released on Thursday, May 13. In the past, that has fallen anytime between mid-April to mid-May. For the 2021 season, it was May 12, whereas it was April 17 in 2019, so there’s a little wiggle room and no exact predetermined date for its release. To stay up-to-date, you can check online regularly for the schedule to come out beginning in the second week of April.

When is the Best Time To Purchase NFL Tickets?

Extreme NFL enthusiasts might be asking themselves, when is the best time to take the plunge, buy tickets and get ready to tailgate at your favorite stadium? Well, that answer depends on how much they’re looking to spend.

If money is no object, then by all means they should consider getting their ticket search started as soon as the NFL announces the upcoming season’s schedule in April or May. Purchasing tickets earlier rather than later provides a much higher chance of being able to choose the seats they want at the games they’re most interested in attending.

For people looking to save a few bucks, waiting a little longer to buy tickets might be the better option. But that introduces the next question—how long do they wait?

Often, people interested in getting cheaper tickets can do so by waiting until the week before the game. This is because people selling their tickets on third-party sites don’t want their tickets to remain unsold. By offering their tickets at a discounted price closer to the game, they’re more likely to sell them and make back some of the money they originally spent. This can be of great value to fans who are willing to hold out until a week before the game.

Weighing the pros and cons of when to purchase tickets can help undecided individuals determine whether to buy them sooner or later. If it’s a game that’s likely to sell out quickly, waiting might not be the best choice. Once they’re sold out, they’ll be more expensive in the secondary and third-party market due to supply and demand. If it’s a game that will probably have spare tickets all the way up to game day, there’s no harm in waiting it out and buying tickets closer to the day of the game.

What Other Factors Determine When To Buy Tickets?

There are a lot of factors to consider when contemplating when to buy tickets. Knowing the answers to some basic questions can really help people decide the best time to break out the wallet.

Which Teams Do You Want To See Play?

It’s important to know which two teams are playing before buying tickets. It can determine whether tickets are more likely to be sold out or if someone can wait a little longer before making their decision.

For example, people interested in watching the Los Angeles Rams are probably going to find it significantly more challenging and pricier to purchase tickets to a game no matter when they purchase them, considering they won the 2022 Super Bowl. In contrast, someone who’s been a lifelong fan for a team that hasn’t had the best track record recently is likely to have a much easier and less expensive time finding tickets.

On the other hand, regardless of how some teams played the year prior, they will continue having an enormous fan base each year. In that case, fans should feel free to snag those tickets a few weeks early to ensure they guarantee their place in the stands.

How Important Is the Seating?

If the location of the seats is of great importance to someone vying for tickets, purchasing them sooner rather than later might be the way to go. This way, there’s a much better chance of getting seats in the location they want.

If that’s the case, they should consider looking four to six weeks in advance, as ticket holders who make other plans start selling their tickets on third-party sites. As more tickets become available, the overall prices for tickets begin dropping, which is normally the perfect time to buy them.

Someone that’s just happy to be at a live game, whether they’re seated near the end zone or way up high, can find more comfort in waiting until closer to the game to start their ticket search. If the game doesn’t seem likely to sell out, they can probably wait until the last week or up to the day of the game for the cheapest tickets.

Is The Game Going to Be Played During Primetime?

What’s an NFL fan’s favorite time of the week? For most, that falls on Sunday and Monday nights because that’s when the NFL schedules the prime-time games. Unlike Sunday afternoon games, which make audiences pick which game they most want to watch out of a lineup, prime-time games got their name for a reason—because they’re the only game playing during that slot of time. They’re bustling with excited fans sporting bold team colors and the energy on the field and in the stadiums cranks up a notch—or 10.

Many say it’s worth it to attend a prime-time game, and because of this, they often sell out pretty quickly. Consider either purchasing them at the start of the season for a heftier price tag or wait it out until two to four weeks before the game to monitor when the prices start to dip.

Tips To Consider When Purchasing NFL Tickets

It’s easy to feel the adrenaline of a new season as it gets closer for the NFL to release its latest schedule. Before making any drastic ticket purchasing decisions, here are a few tips to consider before busting out the credit card.

Compare Tickets Based on Value

Some people on a budget compare tickets based on prices alone, and that’s totally fine. If the cost of the ticket is a priority, that probably factors into finding the right ticket at the right price. However, if someone’s got a little more wiggle room for purchasing price, comparing tickets based on their value can help them get more bang for their buck. They might find that by spending an extra $20, they can get seats that are 18 rows closer to the field than the first tickets they found. A pretty solid choice for just a little extra cash.

Understand the Seat’s Location

When someone gets a receipt telling them they’ve just purchased seats 212 and 213, it doesn’t explicitly create a clear picture for the purchaser. They have tickets but no real image in their head regarding what their view will be from their seats. Before purchasing tickets, try to determine the seat’s location in the stadium. Some websites have actual photos taken with the view each seat has, so people purchasing seats can see exactly what they’re paying for before they hit that final “Purchase” button.

Be Patient Before Making a Decision

Some eager fans find it hard not to get trigger-happy and purchase the first tickets they find, because, hey, it’s a satisfying feeling knowing they’ve got the golden ticket and are ready for the game. However, it can be more rewarding financially to wait it out a little longer and watch for the prices to drop.

Again, everyone’s needs are different, so if buying tickets directly from a primary source the day they become available is what makes them dream of touchdowns and nachos at night, to each their own. But for people who enjoy waiting until the price feels right, patience is key.

Buy Tickets From a Legitimate Source

One of the most important tips is to buy tickets from legitimate secondary or third-party markets. Some frequently used options include:

  • Tickpick
  • Stubhub
  • Vivid Seats
  • SeatGeek

When purchasing from these and other legitimate sites, people can be sure to avoid ticketing scams. These types of sites provide guarantees with the purchase of a ticket, such as promising a refund if someone denies the ticket holder entrance even with proof of purchase.

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