NFL MVP Race Heats Up. Whose Jersey Looks Best?

As the NFL season really heats up, so does the race for the most valuable player (MVP). Candidates this year represent an impressive bunch of playmakers whose skills and smarts help lead their teams to victory week after week. If you’re as excited about this season’s MVP hopefuls as we are, then you want to shout your fandom from the rooftops with great jerseys and other apparel representing your personal picks. Read on to learn more about the players hoping to earn this honor and the jerseys that best represent them.

An MVP-Quality Season

Every year, there are a few players who wow the league with exceptional, inspired play. These visionaries not only have great stats and impressive victories under their belts, but they also have an uncanny ability to carry their teams on their backs when necessary, snatching improbable victories from the jaws of defeat. Whether it’s breathtaking two-minute drills to take the lead in close games, scrambles that create positive yardage out of broken plays, or miraculous throws (or catches), these players quite simply put on a show this year. As always, we fans are lucky enough to tune in.

When are the NFL Awards announced?

The winners are announced the Thursday before the Super Bowl. The awards are handed out this year at the 12th annual NFL Honors event on February 9th, 2023, in Phoenix, Arizona.

We won’t know the ultimate MVP winner until the NFL Honors ceremony on the Thursday before the Super Bowl. But as we watch with bated breath as our favorite teams battle their way through the playoffs, a panel of 50 sportswriters and other industry insiders will vote on who they think deserves the designation. Since this voting takes place immediately after the regular season, keep in mind that your favorite player’s playoff performance won’t affect the results. This is a regular season award, but this year’s race has been anything but average.

Who’s Looking for the Trophy This Year?

While statistics and records can change, these players have consistently wowed the world with their exciting, MVP-worthy play this season:


Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs Nike Game Player Jersey - Red

Patrick Mahomes II

This Kansas City Chiefs quarterback can’t seem to get away from MVP attention if he tried. Currently, he’s at +200 odds to win the crown, making him the current leader of the pack. To Mahomes II, this is nothing new. His Chiefs are currently 10-3, leaving them in firm control of the AFC West playoff hunt. He’s first in the league in passing yards, at 4,160, first in touchdowns at 33, and first in overall quarterback rating at 77.9 with eleven interceptions.

These impressive numbers on their own don’t even tell the complete story of Mahomes’ ability to make quick and fast long-yardage plays when his team needs them most. And with a long history of late-season and playoff success, we can only expect him to heat up as the season marches to his conclusion. If you want to support the best, you could do worse than Patrick Mahomes II.

To cast your vote for MVP Mahomes II, check out our collection of jerseys decked out in red and yellow. With options for all fans, you’ll surely find your perfect fit. Represent Chiefs Kingdom with stylish picks for your favorite playmaker.


Jalen Hurts Philadelphia Eagles Nike Team Game Jersey - Midnight Green

Jalen Hurts

Not to be outdone, this Philadelphia Eagles quarterback is making quite the splash in the NFC and across the league. That’s partly because his birds are 12-1, which is the best record in the league. While this impressive record is enough to qualify this team leader for MVP status alone, he also has some great personal stats. He’s thrown for 3,157 yards, which doesn’t even account for any rushing gains. He’s scored 22 touchdowns with only three interceptions. His QBR of 70.4 is currently fourth in the league.

From getting first downs with his legs to throwing dimes, Hurts is a talented young quarterback any way you want to look at it. Even though the Eagles have a stacked team filled with stars, it’s hard to imagine that Hurts’ play hasn’t had a major influence on the team’s success. With current MVP odds, Hurts is in the lead for the crown.

If you’d like to back Hurts and his boys in green, check out some great jersey options today. Whether he wins the award or not, you won’t be sorry about celebrating this historic Philadelphia season. Plus, you’ll probably want it when playoffs come around.


Tua Tagovailoa Miami Dolphins Nike 2nd Alternate Game Jersey - White

Tua Tagovailoa

While the Miami Dolphins haven’t been huge contenders in the past few seasons, they’re certainly changing that narrative this year thanks to the lights-out play of their quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa. This phenom is currently at +6000 odds to win the final MVP count, making him a solid one to watch. His Dolphins are 8-5, but it’s important to note that, of those losses, Tagovailoa didn’t play for two, and he left another one early. Any way you slice it, Tagovailoa lacing up often means success for the Dolphins.

The numbers seem to back up this idea. Tagovailoa has 3,004 passing yards, 22 touchdowns, and five interceptions. He is second in overall quarterback rating at 73.5. AFC, watch out for Miami and watch out for Tagovailoa.

To show your support for the Dolphins and their fearless leader, check out our collection of jerseys for the Miami quarterback. Just like Tagovailoa himself, these jerseys are absolutely hot at the moment. Get one before they’re gone and you miss out on celebrating a monumental season.


Josh Allen Buffalo Bills Nike Game Player Jersey - White

Josh Allen

Like some other quarterbacks on this list, Josh Allen always seems to be in MVP talks. And his Buffalo Bills always seem to remain serious threats in the AFC. After a few tough losses and less-than-stellar recent play, though, Allen drops down to +2,500 odds for the MVP crown. But you might not want to count him out just yet.

Allen, and the Bills, are well known for making something out of nothing with the clock ticking down. The team is currently 10-3, which means that the playoffs are far from just a fairytale. In those games, Allen threw for 3,553 yards, which is fifth in the league. He’s scored 26 touchdowns, which is the third-highest in the league, and earned a third-place QBR of 73.2. He’s thrown a dizzying 26 touchdowns, increasing his chances. Allen’s a serious option as the season continues.

If you’re a proud member of the Bills Mafia who stands with Allen through it all, show that dedication with some great jersey options. Whether you’re cheering in the cold Buffalo winter winds or jumping through a folding table in the comfort of your home, these jerseys will remind the world who you’re rooting for this year. Never let the doubters get you down, Josh Allen fans.

Not Just Quarterbacks in the Hunt

As recent history seems to show, the NFL MVP award is an honor that seems to go hand in hand with quarterbacks. Quarterbacks often take the game into their own hands, either winning with their quick judgment and expert ball movement or coming up short and feeling as if they let the whole team down. It’s high risk, high reward. But they aren’t the only playmakers on the field. Sometimes, other positions are so good that MVP oddsmakers can’t ignore their contributions. Their winning is a long shot, but never impossible. And that’s how they like it.

Tyreek Hill Miami Dolphins Nike Game Jersey - Aqua

Tyreek Hill

This recent Miami Dolphins acquisition is showing everyone that good wide receivers can impact the game as much as any quarterback. Catching passes from his fellow candidate, Tua Tagovailoa, Hill’s recent move to the Dolphins has made the team a serious contender. He’s caught 100 passes for 1,460 receiving yards, which is second and first in the league, respectively. He’s also scored six receiving touchdowns. Although his MVP odds are currently at +10,000, stranger things have happened.

If you understand that your favorite quarterback would be nowhere without someone to catch his passes, show your pride with a brand-new jersey. For a little receiver history, you can even shop for Hill jerseys from his previous team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Wherever Hill goes, it seems like success follows. That can’t be a coincidence.

Derrick Henry Tennessee Titans Nike Women's Game Jersey - Light Blue

Derrick Henry

Anyone who says that running backs can’t impact a team has clearly never heard of Derrick Henry. This Tennessee Titans running back has earned himself a perpetual place in MVP talks thanks to his ability to gain high-yardage runs and the defenses’ inability to bring him down. He’s been a large part of the Titan’s 7-6 record, with 1,199 yards and 11 touchdowns. Although these numbers aren’t as impressive as previous seasons’, Henry’s presence alone is still enough to make the other team tremble. That seems to be worth something come voting time, although +30,000 odds aren’t the most promising.

Still, it can’t hurt to buy a jersey, just in case. Win or lose, you might kick yourself for missing the chance to support this prolific ball handler. Run, don’t walk to grab a Derrick Henry jersey today.

No matter who ultimately ends up winning MVP, all these great players have already had seasons worthy of respect and admiration. If you want to show your support, look into Fanatics’ great collection of officially licensed sports apparel, sports collectibles, and memorabilia today. We have all the best threads for your favorite players, which should come in handy when you’re screaming for your winner as NFL Honors finally comes around.

And if your favorite player didn’t make this list, that doesn’t mean they’re out for the count. There’s still plenty of ball left to play and plenty of cheering to be done. It’s still anyone’s game, after all. So get ready, get set, and gear up for an anything-goes MVP race this season with Fanatics.



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