NCAA best selling Final Four team in each state

Fanatics analyzed the sales for the merchandise of the 2016 men’s college basketball championship sales this week.

NCAA final four sales per state

The map represents top selling teams, which are still playing in the tournament, in each state between March 27 until March 31 2016, where the sales of merchandise happened on

Yahoo reported:

Syracuse fans have ordered more than the rest—a lot more. Sales of Syracuse gear rose 750% in the five days from March 27 to March 31. That’s not just the biggest sales spike of the Final Four teams, or of teams that played in the tourney this year. It’s the largest sales bump by any college on the site, ever.

Syracuse Orange gear was the number 1 searched term on across all sports for 3/28 & 3/29.  More people searched for Syracuse merchandise in these two days, than for the Golden State Warriors or popular NBA or MLB players.

Week over week growth numbers in sales for the final four are:

  1. Syracuse Orange +750%
  2. Villanova Wildcats +640%
  3. Oklahoma Sooners +300%
  4. North Carolina Tar Heels +250%

Although Syracuse is showing the largest peak in sales over the last couple of days, UNC is the number 1 seller in this year’s NCAA tournament.



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