NBA Gift Guide for Father’s Day

Face it: Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect Father’s Day gifts. If your dad is a huge NBA fan, you can find the latest and greatest offering by looking through this NBA gift guide and then shopping for his present at Fanatics.

Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors Nike 2020/21 Swingman Jersey - Royal - Icon EditionJayson Tatum Boston Celtics Nike 2020/21 Swingman Jersey Kelly Green - Icon Edition

NBA Nike Jerseys

You can’t go wrong with a simple Nike jersey featuring your dad’s favorite team. Most teams have a home, away, and alternate jersey, so you can find the color and design of that team and make your dad’s day. Not only can he find a jersey for his favorite team, but he can wear one of his favorite player. If he’s a huge fan of Ja Morant, who just happened to be the unanimous NBA Rookie of the Year for the 2019-20 season, pick up his navy jersey.

Maybe your dad prefers someone who has been in the league for years. Consider getting a Stephen Curry royal icon jersey if that’s the case. Curry is an eight-time NBA All-Star and three-time NBA champion, so buying your dad a jersey featuring this iconic player is a good choice. These top NBA players are also a win for dad: Joel Embiid, Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, LeBron James, and James Harden, to name a few.

James Harden Brooklyn Nets Nike 2021/22 Swingman Jersey - City Edition - Navy

NBA City Edition Jerseys

In 2017, the NBA announced that Nike would take over as the manufacturer of the league’s uniforms. Although Nike outfitted teams from the 1997-98 and 2001-02 seasons, it only made uniforms for select teams. Adidas was the previous manufacturer for 11 seasons. To commemorate this new venture, Nike worked with the NBA to breathe new life into the uniform designs and have these uniforms connect a franchise to a city better.

The result: City Edition jerseys. Now in its fifth season, these jerseys include some designs that have evolved while others have remained the same. According to Sports Illustrated, the top five 2021-22 City Edition uniforms include the Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, Portland Trail Blazers, Toronto Raptors, and Atlanta Hawks. Pick up one of these jerseys today, and your dad will be exuding style.

Dwyane Wade Miami Heat Mitchell & Ness 2005-06 Hardwood Classics Swingman Jersey - Red

Throwback NBA Jerseys

If your dad is a die-hard basketball fan, odds are he grew up cheering on his favorite team, perhaps with his own father. He might regale you with stories about how Dr. J soared through the air, how Kareem hit a sky-hook shot, or how Larry Bird drained a three-pointer from the corner. Take your dad back to those days by buying him a throwback NBA jersey.

Even if your dad recently became a fan, he might still want a throwback jersey. These jerseys are simply ones that the team doesn’t currently wear. So you might be able to find a jersey from the early 2000s. Depending on how many years your dad has been a fan of his favorite team, you might also have several different types of jerseys to choose from.

Golden State Warriors Nike 2019/20 Custom Swingman Jersey Black - City Edition

NBA Swingman Jersey

The Swingman jersey is a type of NBA replica jersey that doesn’t have all the premium finishes that you’d find on an authentic jersey. You might even think that the jersey is authentic, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that it has slight differences. The Nike Swingman jerseys are one of the more affordable replica options. They’re extremely popular among fans as well because they’re so close to being authentic without the expensive price tag.

In terms of quality, Swingman jerseys tend to perform well if your dad plans on wearing it on the court when he plays a few games of pickup ball. Their polyester material will keep your dad cool on the court or in a crowded arena as he attends an actual NBA game. When shopping for Swingman jerseys for your dad, remember that they tend to run slim. If you aren’t sure what size to purchase for your dad, it’s best to get one that’s larger, especially if your dad likes a baggier fit.

Memphis Grizzlies Nike 2021/22 Diamond Swingman Custom Jersey - Icon Edition - Navy

Customized NBA Jersey

Maybe you’ve racked your brain, trying to think of your dad’s favorite player and can’t figure out which one it is. Perhaps your dad has several players and can’t choose just one — just like he claims he doesn’t have a favorite child if you have siblings.

Regardless, why not put your dad’s name on the back of a jersey instead? You could go with his last name, but there’s nothing stopping you from throwing his first name or even a funny nickname on there instead. In addition to figuring out what name to put on the back of the jersey, you also need to determine what team and color to get.

Brooklyn Nets Starter NBA 75th Anniversary Full-Snap Varsity Hoodie Jacket - Black/Gray

NBA Starter Jacket

If your dad was an NBA fan during the 1990s, he will likely remember Starter jackets and how they were the must-have item of clothing for many fans. This was the time when Michael Jordan was striving for championship after championship and the Summer Olympics was full of Dream Team hype. Starter jackets were the go-to pieces of apparel for fans, and just like how fashion operates, what’s old is new again. Fanatics released a new brand of NBA Starter jackets, so browse through more than a dozen different options.

Ja Morant Memphis Grizzlies Rock Em Socks Youth Hooper All Over Crew Sock

NBA Socks

Make dad’s day even more special by picking him up a pair of NBA socks. Whether you’re looking for socks that feature his favorite team’s logo or have his favorite player’s picture and number on it, your dad is sure to love whatever you pick out. Some of the socks are even funny, and what dad doesn’t enjoy a little humor on his feet?

Crew socks are the perfect choice for your dad to wear when he heads off to work, while ankle socks are a better option when he’s working out. He can show his allegiance whenever he needs something on his feet. You can also pick up a pair for yourself, and you two can match while you watch the big game together.

Boston Celtics New Era 2022 Eastern Conference Champions Locker Room 9FIFTY Snapback Adjustable Hat - Gray/Black


Maybe your dad is looking to upgrade his hat game, and you can help him achieve that by purchasing an NBA hat. Knowing your dad’s hat size is helpful if you’re looking for a fitted one, but you can also peruse through the snapback hats since those are adjustable.

Fitted hats require your dad to measure his head with a flexible tape measure or string, and then measure the length against a ruler. He needs to position the tape measure or string about a half-inch above his eyebrows where the hat will rest. If his numbers are between sizes or you’re simply unsure what his numbers are, it’s best to purchase the larger size.

2020-21 NBA Donruss Optic Basketball 200 Card Complete Set With 5 Card Bonus- Fanatics Exclusive

NBA Trading Cards

Was your dad one of those kids growing up who collected sports cards? Maybe he saved up his money and bought a pack of cards at the local convenience store and later traded some cards he didn’t want with his friends.

Give your dad a bit of nostalgia and pick up a single card, a pack, or even a case of NBA trading cards. You might be able to find an autographed trading card of your dad’s favorite player, depending on who that is. It’s up to you to break it to him, though, that these cards don’t come with the crystallized gum like he might remember. At least you won’t have to worry about him putting any of these cards in his bicycle spokes.

Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors Supersports Player Figure

NBA Bobbleheads

Maybe your dad is more of a collector and not so much into wearing clothing that highlights his love of the NBA. If that’s the case, consider picking him up a few NBA bobbleheads. Featuring players such as the Lakers’ LeBron James, the Nets’ Kevin Durant, and the Mavericks’ Luka Doncic, these bobbleheads will be sure to have your dad’s friends talking and likely pushing on the players’ head to make their heads bobble.

Philadelphia 76ers WinCraft 5'' Die-Cut Car Magnet

NBA Auto Accessories

Some guys love to give their vehicle plenty of attention, and if your dad is one of those people, consider getting him some NBA gear to highlight his love of the sport and his vehicle. Some of the NBA auto accessories available include a window decal, a double-sided car flag, a keychain, or a team license plate.

New York Knicks Medium Pet Nap Cap Dog Bed - Blue

NBA Pet Gear

Help your dad outfit his favorite furry creature with some NBA pet gear. Fido can wear a bandana featuring your dad’s favorite team and then take a nap in a giant plush bed with the team’s logo on it. He can also take his pooch for a walk using a leash adorned with his favorite team’s logo. Don’t forget a puppy chew toy featuring your dad’s least favorite NBA player.

All of these NBA gifts are available from Fanatics, so take some time to look through this gift guide for Father’s Day to find that perfect present. You can also celebrate your dad — or any other person — and find officially licensed sports apparel from just about any team across all leagues. Don’t forget to check out the thousands of pieces of memorabilia or other sports collectibles, as well as the MLB gift guide while you’re shopping.



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