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NBA fans, players, and their coaches definitely prefer to win. Scoring more points than the other team has a positive result, of course, while the opposite is, well, the opposite. But that doesn’t mean that all fans take to Twitter to vent their disappointment. In fact, we’ve found that fans of a few teams are actually positive and optimistic – even after a loss.

Positive Tweets After a Loss


The Phoenix Suns sit atop the heap of most positive tweets after a loss, which may come as a surprise. Their 2015-2016 season didn’t end on a high note as they wound up 14th in the Western Conference. But their fans haven’t let that dampen their enthusiasm, even after yet another loss was recorded this NBA season. The future for the team could be bright still; a recent draft pick Tyler Ulis may lead to an improved overall team – maybe not right away, but he has a ton of potential.

The Orlando Magic didn’t put up amazing numbers during their most recent NBA season, either (they logged 35 wins and 47 losses to secure the No. 11 spot in the Eastern Conference). This didn’t stop their fans from checking in at No. 2 in the positive-tweet department. The team is in the midst of big changes, starting with new head coach Frank Vogel. While the coach situation hasn’t been ideal in the last few years (Vogel is the third in as many seasons), the poor performance of the prior head coach may have instilled some hope with the fan base for a new, fresh start.

The Miami Heat had a pretty good season overall, as they finished third in the East and clinched the Southeast Division title. Although they didn’t advance past the conference semifinals, losses during the season were likely met with less ranting and raving on Twitter since the team had a good thing going all season long (despite being neck-and-neck with the Hawks and Hornets in the division standings until the very end).

The Knicks, who finished third in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference despite a .390 record, appears fourth on our positive tweets list. And the Mavs clock in at No. 5 after finishing second in their division and sixth overall in the West. It definitely helps when a team is heading to the playoffs after a season ends, and the Mavericks ended the regular season on a strong note. The team only lost twice during the last nine games, which definitely boosts fan and player morale.

Charging Ahead

To go along with tweets that tend to stay on the positive side even in the face of a disappointing loss, each one of these teams has advantages that may make future seasons a little more cheerful.

Despite being predicted to miss the playoffs next season by ESPN, the Knicks still have plenty of upsides. These upsides include team president, Phil Jackson, recruiting valuable free agents such as Derrick Rose.

The Mavericks stay very involved in their community even during the off season, which is another way to keep fans happy and engaged. They also feel their recent signees have a lot of potential on the team.

The Orlando Magic also help fans keep the faith during the summer by keeping their Twitter account active. Recent tweets highlight tryouts for their dance squad, but they are also throwing it back with a ton of old school tweets.

The Suns are tweeting lots about the recent news that the team would be playing two regular-season games in Mexico City – news that is super exciting for fans south of the border. And the Miami Heat, despite the recent departure of long-time fan favorite Dwyane Wade, are working hard to complete their roster with some fresh moves designed to keep the team going forward.  

Happy Hoops

Dealing with a loss takes many forms, especially on Twitter. But not every disappointed fan lashes out at the team – in fact, fans of these five teams are the most positive when it comes to tweeting after a loss.

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