NBA City Edition Jerseys: Atlantic Division


Among all sports merchandise, NBA jerseys are arguably the most iconic team gear. As of the 2017-18 season, the NBA switched from Adidas to Nike, and with that change has come a slew of criticism and new uniforms. Nike faced some growing pains as it rolled out an NBA line, largely centered on the multiple instances of ripped jerseys. Conversely, midway through the company’s inaugural season, Nike received widespread praise for their new City Edition jerseys. These special edition jerseys celebrate features specific to teams’ locations and franchise histories. Let’s take a look at what East Coast and Canadian history the Atlantic Division represents.

Parquet Party in the Garden


The Boston Celtics have the best record in the Eastern Conference, so it only fits Boston’s City Edition jerseys are among the cleverest of any team. Close inspection of these uniforms reveals a parquet pattern that mirrors the design of the Celtics’ home floor. According to Nike, gray, “the color of unity,” was selected out of respect to the faithful Boston fans. Fans will be able to catch Celtics stars Kyrie Irving and Jayson Tatum donning this tribute to Boston later this season.

Bridging the Boroughs


Although the Brooklyn Nets have been out of the hunt for the past few seasons, these jerseys are championship caliber. The team kept its classic black and white colorway while adding a pattern resembling cables. These cables pay homage to the Brooklyn Bridge, which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The Hottest Jerseys


These special edition New York Knicks jerseys credit the city’s brave firefighters. The uniforms feature a New York City Fire Department crest, as well as a ladder and fire hydrant. It’s a refreshing sight to see superstar athletes give a nod to the unsung, everyday heroes of the city.

An American Classic


In the summer of 1776, the Declaration of Independence was officially signed. Centuries later, Philadelphia’s NBA team – the 76ers – incorporates this rich American history into its jerseys. The script style writing mimics the signatures on America’s most revered document, and the color closely resembles that of parchment.

Hold On, We’re Going North


Drake has become the world’s most notorious Toronto Raptors fan. He can be seen at many of the team’s halftime shows, and even helps the team’s TV announcers commentate Toronto’s games. These jerseys utilize the iconic colors from Drake’s label, OVO. The chest features the word “North,” which comes from the team’s motto, “We The North.”

Represent Your City

If Kyrie Irving and Kristaps Porziņģis pay respect to their cities, fans should take this opportunity to celebrate their history as well. From the Brooklyn Bridge’s cables to one of the U.S.’ most treasured documents, these jerseys contain much more character than ordinary NBA merchandise. Pick up your authentic Nike City Edition gear at Fanatics!




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