NBA City Edition Jerseys: Southwest Division


For the 2017-18 NBA season, every one of the league’s 30 teams has four uniforms (not including throwback designs – usually a fan favorite). While many of these are the traditional uniforms fans have come to know and love, the fourth and final set has spiced things up a bit.

Referred to as “City Editions” by Nike (who supplies all of the league’s uniforms as of 2017) many of these jerseys offer fans a fresh take on an otherwise traditional look. As meant to embody the local spirit of each team’s hometowns, these jerseys don’t just represent cities – they also tell a story and offer a small glimpse into the history that’s helped shape and mold communities.

Here’s a quick breakdown of all five city jerseys from the Southwest Division. The Rockets and Spurs might be leading the division, but are their City Edition looks at the top of the pack? Let’s take a look.

Only in Dallas



The Dallas Mavericks didn’t get too much of an upgrade with the 2017 shake-up when Nike stepped in to take over supplying the NBA’s uniforms. That is until they released the Mavericks’ City Edition jersey. In place of the traditional shades of blue and white, the City Edition look takes things up a notch. With an all-black design accented with a new shade of blue lettering, the City Edition jersey is outlined in a neon green meant to invoke the spirit of Downtown Dallas and the Bank of America building of the same colors. Considering the Mavericks are known for conservative jerseys, these uniforms should keep fans cheering!

Paint It Red



At first glance, you might not recognize the Houston Rockets City Edition jersey, unless you remember their Lunar New Year uniforms from the 2016-2017 season. Similar in concept, the Rockets are tipping their hats again to their biggest international fanbase and possibly even celebrating the signing of Zhou Qi to a multiyear deal. It’s been a few years since NBA fans have seen a Chinese player on the courts, and Qi could be just the man to fill the void left by Yi Jianlian and Yao Ming.




2018 marks 50 years since Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, and the Memphis Grizzlies honor the legacy and impact King left behind with these inspired City Edition jerseys. Invoking the spirit of justice and human rights Dr. King emphasized, these jerseys pay special tribute to the “I Am A Man” slogan that defined civil rights protests. A clean white background and bold, iconic type give this jersey design a unique place in history.

Let the Good Times Roll



Like a subtle nod to their New Orleans Hornets Mardi Gras jerseys, the New Orleans Pelicans are bringing back the bright shades of purple, yellow, green, and white that embody the spirit of carnival celebrations characterized by the city and its culture. With staggered numbers beneath the bolded, stylized “NOLA” meant to symbolize the city’s energy, these city jerseys might not be out of place on Fat Tuesday (or any other day of the week really) in New Orleans.

A Salute to Service



San Antonio has been called Military City USA, and these new camouflage City Edition uniforms are here to pay tribute to the Armed Forces and the men and women who serve. Designed in the traditional silver and black colors of a U.S. Army Combat Uniform, the San Antonio Spurs logo adds the perfect blend of team pride and tribute to servicemen and women across the country.

Southwest Style

Whether you’re a fan of the Dallas Mavericks or a supporter of the San Antonio Spurs, your team has a City Edition jersey that speaks to the unique elements of your city and state. These aren’t generic combinations of colors or geometric logos – they’re a thumbprint of the community for which these teams live and play. Get yours now from Fanatics.





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