NBA City Edition Jerseys: Southeast Division


The Southeast Division contains the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, and Washington Wizards. While a few of these teams may be dwelling at the bottom the Eastern Conference, their jerseys are competing for the best in the league. From the Atlanta music scene to the Washington Monument, let’s see how Nike designed the Southeast Division’s City Edition jerseys.

Neon Hawks



The curved and uneven lining along this Atlanta Hawks jersey pays tribute to the team’s iconic asymmetric jerseys from the ’70s. According to Nike, the font and design are inspired by “the city’s cutting-edge music scene.” It’s not surprising to see Nike give this nod to Atlanta’s music scene, seeing as the city has been a hotbed for musical talent over the years.

Jerseys With Sting



Since the Charlotte Hornets name change from the Bobcats, fans have embraced hornet-related nicknames. From affectionately calling their home arena “the Hive” to nicknaming Charlotte “Buzz City,” these fans have plenty of pride in their stinging mascot. The colors and pattern along the sides intend to mimic a hornet’s wings, and the bottom of the jersey invites opponents to “Enter the Swarm.”

South Beach Style



The Miami Heat’s City Edition jerseys pay homage to the iconic style of the crime television series “Miami Vice.” These jerseys were a smash hit among NBA fans, with many lauding them as the best design of any City Edition gear.

Out of This World



The Orlando Magic’s jerseys give the nod to the nearby Kennedy Space Center. The Kennedy Space Center is home to breathtaking NASA artifacts and also functions as a location for rocket launches. Elfrid Payton and the rest of this young Magic team wear these jerseys with a space-themed background design to honor the center.

Presidential Gear



The Washington Wizards’ special edition jerseys didn’t have much of an option: The capital needed to recognize its own history. The primarily white jerseys take inspiration from famous D.C. monuments, which can be seen in the marbled sides and beveled font on the jersey.


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