Most Followed Players: Golden State Warriors


After spending the offseason celebrating an NBA Finals victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Golden State Warriors face fierce competition in the Western Conference in 2018. The conference is looking especially strong after the addition of Paul George to the Oklahoma City Thunder and Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets, but there’s competition among the Dubs as well.

Which Warrior has the strongest social media following? We analyzed the players’ combined social media followings from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. So continue reading to see the results!

Golden State Followers


Stephen Curry’s astounding 39.5 million Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook followers crown him the social media king of the Bay Area. It’s plain to see how Curry earned his influence: The 30-year-old sharpshooter has won two Most Valuable Player awards and led the league in 3-point field goals for five consecutive seasons. Curry remains relatively active across his social media platforms, but his Instagram account is especially integral to his online persona, which is responsible for the largest portion of his followers. Fans will often see Curry promoting charitable causes or new sneaker drops, as well as pictures of his wife and children.

Curry’s reign as the most followed Warrior may be in jeopardy as teammate Kevin Durant narrowly trails him. Durant has 37.4 million followers across the three major platforms. The majority of these followers likely flocked to Durant for his stellar play on the court, including the 2017 NBA Finals MVP award, but the 29-year-old draws plenty of attention off the court as well. Specifically, Durant’s 17.4 million Twitter followers may have something to do with his infamous Twitter blunder this offseason. While Durant’s Twitter is primarily used to retweet articles, his Instagram is often an outlet to announce partnerships and disseminate promotions. Companies such as GQ and Nike frequently find their way onto Durant’s page.

Most teams wouldn’t have a four-time All-Star as the third most followed player – but most teams aren’t the Golden State Warriors. Klay Thompson is far behind teammates Curry and Durant, but his 8.2 million Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook followers aren’t anything to scoff at. 4.6 million of Thompson’s followers can be attributed to his Instagram account, which Thompson uses to promote his exclusive shoe and post pictures of his dog, Rocco.

Go Beyond Social Media

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