The Most Attractive MLB Players


With active rosters of 25 players for each game, expanded rosters of 40 players, and a total of 30 Major League Baseball teams, there’s over 1,200 players putting on a jersey for a MLB team each year. There’s extremely well-known players, such as Los Angeles Angels Outfielder Mike Trout or Chicago Cubs Third Baseman Kris Bryant, among this bunch of professional athletes. Conditioned for a 162 game season, there’s also many of these players who could be described in one word: fine.

Who are the most attractive professional baseball players? Thousands of people chimed in to let us know which players were hotter than New York Yankee’s Pitcher Aroldis Chapman’s 105 MPH fastball.


Micah Johnson, second baseman for the Atlanta Braves, doesn’t just live in Hotlanta – he is Hotlanta. Rating at an 8.5 out of 10 on average, he was ranked over half a point higher than the next set of most attractive MLB players. Johnson has spent two years in the majors with the Chicago White Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

It was the National League players, however, who dominated the top ten hottest active players. Only one player from the American League was in the top ten: Pitcher Drew Verhagen from the Detroit Tigers, tied for seventh overall with Right Fielder Patrick Kivlehan from the Cincinnati Reds and Outfielder Franklin Gutierrez from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Hottest Position Heat Map


Outfielders are where the hotties are, according to the average ratings of players across each position. Several outfield players had ratings above 7.5 – and one was close to an 8.0! Carlos Gonzalez, outfielder for the Colorado Rockies, was deemed to be the most attractive outfielder. Just check out how he turns a family vacation photo into a model shoot.

Cincinnati Reds Left Fielder Adam Duvall also had a high rating, 7.7, and it isn’t hard to see why!

Regular Season Is Heating Up

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