Mapping NBA Teams: Golden State Warriors


The Golden State Warriors got their start in Philadelphia in 1946 as one of the charter members of the Basketball Association of America (BAA), which eventually became the NBA. In 1962, they split from Philly and headed west. They were known as the San Francisco Warriors for nine seasons, but they adopted their current moniker, Golden State Warriors, in 1971.

The franchise has won four national titles (most recently in 2015). These days, they’re working to get back to the postseason and possibly a third-straight-Finals appearance. Some might say this team has been all over the map.

Let’s look at the roster to see which cities and universities helped form today’s Golden State Warriors.

Forming the Warriors


The Golden State Warriors are well known for a few feats, including last season’s NBA-best season record of 73-9. The most identifiable player is, of course, Stephen Curry, who hails from Charlotte, North Carolina, and went to college at nearby Davidson College, where he helped his college team go on a pretty great Cinderella run in the 2007-2008 NCAA Tournament, reaching the Elite Eight. Klay Thompson, another standout player, attended Washington State University after he left his home in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

There are a few Warriors who hail from the Midwest, notably Andre Iguodala, who came from Springfield, Illinois and played college ball pretty far from home at the University of Arizona. Then there’s Shaun Livingston, from Peoria, Illinois. JaVale McGee also calls Illinois home (Chicago), and Kevon Looney came from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, although he headed to California to play ball for UCLA.

Other players include Zaza Pachulia (Tbilisi, Georgia), Patrick McCaw (Rockville, Maryland, who attended UNLV), and Draymond Green (Saginaw, Michigan, who went to Michigan State University).

Pac-12 Shines in Oakland


When it comes to the NCAA conferences that contributed to Golden State’s current roster, the Pac-12 stands out as the biggest piece of the pie. Players from the Pac-12 include Klay Thompson (Washington State), Andre Iguodala (Arizona), and Kevon Looney (UCLA). Also represented: the Mountain West Conference, with alumni such as Patrick McCaw (UNLV) and Javale McGee (University of Nevada, Reno).

There are quite a few smaller conference slices of the Golden State pie, including Kevin Durant (Big 12, University of Texas, Austin), Draymond Green (Big Ten, Michigan State), Damian Jones (Southeastern, Vanderbilt), and two-time NBA MVP, Steph Curry (Atlantic 10, Davidson).

Today’s Golden State Warriors roster is made up of players from both coasts, the Midwest, the Mountain States, and the South. Have you watched Curry grow from a member of an improbable Elite Eight college team to his stardom in California? Or are you just hoping your Warriors head back to the Finals?

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