Managerial Journeys: Buck Showalter


Since the late 1970s, Buck Showalter has been a part of professional baseball. Once a prospect for the New York Yankees and now the manager of the Baltimore Orioles, he’s loomed large in the sport – making many pit stops across the country on his managerial journey. And the best part? It isn’t over just yet.

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He’s still determined to beat off the rest of the American League East – Boston, New York, Tampa Bay, and Toronto – to take his team and fans back to the postseason. Continue reading to see Showalter’s progression from a minor league contributor to a manager of one of baseball’s most historic franchises.

Minor Miracles


Showalter attempted to make it as a major league player in his early years. Selected by the New York Yankees in the fifth round of the 1977 MLB First-Year Player Draft, the future looked bright for Buck. Ultimately, the first baseman-outfielder would never make it past AAA ball in his seven years as a player.

He did contribute, though, with his hitting abilities for several of his teams. Playing for Nashville in the Southern League, Showalter led the league in hits in two of his seasons (1980 and 1982). Even though he managed to play alongside greats like Don Mattingly, Buck would never get a major league call-up. This ultimately led to his pivot into coaching.

Major Management

Showalter wouldn’t have to look outside the Yankees for his next opportunity. In fact, he spent almost 20 years as a player and then coach for the organization. After he ended his playing career, he earned the chance to manage three of the club’s farm teams: Oneonta (1985-1986), Fort Lauderdale (1987-1988), and Albany-Colonie (1989). Showalter earned a 360-207 record with his three clubs, which ultimately earned him the chance to manage in the big leagues.

From 1992 to 1995, Buck Showalter managed the New York Yankees. While he did earn AL Manager of the Year honors in 1994, he would only make it to the postseason in one of his four seasons. This led to a quick departure and equally short stints with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Texas Rangers before landing with the Baltimore Orioles.

Now managing his eighth season with the Orioles, Showalter started his tenure in 2010. He assumed the responsibility part way through the 2010 season, having only 57 games remaining to right the ship. Buck’s boys would win 34 for a .596 winning percentage. With a 96-66 record in 2014, Showalter would once again win AL Manager of the Year, but this wouldn’t translate into a long stint in the postseason.

While he’s managed his team to finish above .500 in six of his seven past seasons, Buck’s next challenge is going deep into the playoffs and bringing a World Series win to Baltimore.

Showing You Something

Whether you loved him as a manager of the New York Yankees or couldn’t wait to see him leave Arizona and the Diamondbacks, Buck Showalter has been an institution in baseball for over 40 years. Wear the gear he does by picking up the best officially licensed MLB merchandise and apparel at




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