Luka Doncic Likes Steak, Reacts to Porzingis Trade in Fanatics AMA Series

Dallas Mavericks rookie Luka Dončić became the latest to feature in #FanaticsAMASeries on Reddit, giving his legions of fans an exclusive look into the life—on and off the court—of one of the NBA’s most captivating young stars.

Much like his dazzling play on the court, Dončić dished out some spectacular moments and hilarious quotes as he engaged with some of the NBA’s most loyal (and entertaining) fans, who could submit questions on social media with the hashtag #AskLukaAnything or directly on Reddit.

Dončić may be one of the more established rookies in recent memory after playing for Real Madrid in Europe, but the American experience is brand new to him. Through a huge stream of questions, fans got to see a side of the star rookie that they haven’t gotten to see before.

As Dončić kicked it with Fanatics and signed some basketballs, he took on the AMA universe. Questions ranged from on-topic, to thought-provoking, to… how do I put this… different. Let’s cover the many highlights:

First things first, right? We had to get Luka’s reaction to the big trade that brought Kristaps Porzingis to team up with him in Dallas:

Hey Luka, what was your first reaction to Porzingis’ trade?

Luka: “I was shocked. I’m not used to this in Europe, so yea shock”

We found out Luka’s favorite food since coming to the USA:

“Like Giannis and smoothies, is there anything you’ve tried for the first time in America that you’ve fallen in love with?”

Luka: “ah, no nothing like that, but I do like the steak.”

Heard about a time (or two) that Dončić got chased down:

“Hey Luka! What’s the weirdest fan interaction you have had since arriving in the United States.”

Luka: *Laughs* “I was in an Uber, and there was someone running behind the uber. I stopped and signed something for him.” Note: Apparently he always does that!

Of course, he came to the NBA after winning EuroLeague MVP as an already established pro player. But many fans don’t realize that also Dončić studied while dominating with Real Madrid:

“Hey Luka! What was is like going to school while playing pro basketball?”

Luka: “Oh. It was hard, I had to do my exams at different times than everyone else. It was difficult.”

It’s safe to say Dončić’s life has taken off since then as he’s catapulted from being the No. 3 pick in the 2018 draft to arguably one of the NBA’s most valuable young assets. Being in Dallas, a city where another great European player in Dirk Nowitzki won a championship, doesn’t hurt either and Dončić is loving it in his new city with Dirk:

“What is your first impression of Dallas as a city? Where are your favorite restaurants? “

Luka: “I love Dallas! Nick and Sam’s.”

How has it been having Dirk as a mentor?

Luka: “Amazing. He is such a funny dude”

Being in the NBA for half of a season now, Luka has seen his fair share of America’s biggest and brightest cities and he had some fun with the Redditors *look away Mavs fans* while pointing out his favorite away city to visit:

Hey Luka! In your travels with the NBA, what has been your favorite city to visit? (Besides Dallas, of course)

Luka: “Ummm, New York. They are going to say I’m going to New York now.” *laughs*

Dončić dished out dozens more answers you can read along with at the
Dončić Fanatics AMA thread
on Reddit, as thousands of NBA fans gathered online to submit their questions and follow along.

In a league that’s dominated by household names,
Dončić is rapidly becoming one of them. He’s preparing to feature in skills competitions at the NBA All Star weekend, and has put together a Rookie of the Year-caliber season through 50 games as he continues to become the face of the Mavericks and one of the young faces of the NBA.

Luka’s AMA is the latest in the Fanatics AMA Series connecting the biggest athletes in the world with their fans. As some of the biggest athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL and more gather to answer questions from the internet, you won’t want to miss out. Keep it locked to the Fanatics Ask Me Anything Series for the next AMA’s.

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