Kansas City Royals Home Run Spots: Kauffman Stadium


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The Kansas City Royals of the American League are on track to break the club’s record for home runs this year. So far, the “Blue Crew” has cranked out a total of 48 dingers, putting them a step in the right direction for nailing a combined 177 homers this season.

The Midwest-based squad looks to shatter the club’s 1987 highwater mark of 168 home runs in a single season. Seasoned sluggers Alex Gordon and Eric Hosmer are beginning to heat up at the plate and are ready to unleash some all-star firepower.

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Looking beyond the smoky barbecues and funky jazz tunes in Kansas City, one will find a highlight: Kauffman Stadium – often referred to as “The K.” Recognized throughout the league as one of the most alluring ballparks in the league, Kauffman Stadium serves as home field for the Royals.

Initially dubbed “Royals Stadium,” the vibrant three-tiered ballpark was renamed in 1993 to commemorate the ardent spirit and morality of the team’s original owner Ewing Kauffman. Kauffman purchased the expansion franchise in 1968 with the intention of bringing Major League dominance to the Midwest and to provide a winning club for Kansas Citians to rally behind.

“The K” first opened its doors in 1973 and has since hosted some marvelous Major League events, including two All-Star games and four World Series showdowns (1980, 1985, 2014, and 2015). The stadium has stood the test of time, undergoing a $256 million renovation in 2007. In between the outfield walls and the grassy Midwest landscape sits a row of spectacular fountains featuring cascading waterfalls. Also, there’s no way you can miss the scoreboard situated behind the centerfield fencing, which boasts the Royal’s crest.

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Jorge Soler is currently in the lead this season for launching the farthest long ball directly through centerfield and right over the crowned scoreboard at a true distance of 470 feet.

The retired “Mullet,” George Brett, spent his entire 21-season career slugging for the KC Royals, and took the club’s home run high-water mark to the next level. The Hall-of-Famer swung big during his time in Kansas City, with 317 career home runs for the Royals. Kansas City’s biggest active slugger is left fielder Alex Gordon.

Steer clear from seats too far beyond the fenceline, as your chances of catching that keepsake home run ball decreases massively. For those of you situated down the right- or left-field lines, leave your mitts open wide in sections 101, 102, 103, and 108. Sitting next to the fountains in sections 201 and 202 can never hurt either – if you don’t mind getting splashed. And if you’re chasing that high flying moon shot down, be careful not to stumble (or jump) into the water.

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