In-Depth Look at 2019 MLB Spring Training Hats & Locations for Every Team

Pitchers and catchers reporting to their MLB teams for the new season is about as synonymous with springtime as Groundhog Day and yard sales. With the 2019 MLB Spring Training circuit beginning Feb. 21 and runs through March 26, the time has already check out the 2019 MLB Spring Training apparel collection.

As each of Major League Baseball’s teams flock to their Spring Training locations, they’re sporting the New Era’s freshly released Spring Training hats that hit the shelves on Fanatics sites this week. Even the biggest die-hard fans who snatch up the Spring Training gear each year will notice bold new looks, and for some teams, entirely new logo designs.

The 2019 Spring Training cap both looks and feels different than in previous years. New Era’s state-of-the-art COOLERA¬†technology wicks away sweat, the MICROERA feature reduces odor buildup, and DRYERA¬†technology protects the exterior of the hat from rain (no word on if it repels Gatorade showers).

The dawn of any MLB season brings with it unbridled hope and positivity for fans of every team. The successes and failures of a season ago are long gone, and the slate is clean for everyone. Excitement is ramping up for 2019, and that means it’s time to browse your team’s innovative Spring Training gear.

Arizona Diamondbacks


Atlanta Braves





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