How To Protect Your iPhone 6: Advice from an Android User

The iPhone 6 was just released and I have a confession to make. I’m an Android user living with the owner of a new iPhone 6. The house is divided: Android vs. iPhone. As with many of the hot topics a couple might not meet eye to eye on, we’ve had to just agree to disagree.

With the recent release of the iPhone 6, all I’ve been hearing from the other end of the house is how she can’t wait to upgrade her new iPhone 6 with cool iPhone 6 Accessories. Cases, Screen Covers, Wallets, Headphones, Earbuds, and Speakers— Fanatics stocks all of these iPhone 6 Accessories for your favorite College, NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL teams!

Fortunately, I work at Fanatics and have an insight to all the cool, team spirited iPhone 6 Cases you will ever need to protect your precious iPhone 6 from having a “shattering” experience. Buying her a new case is something I’m very happy with. The Jacksonville Jaguars iPhone 6 Dual Hybrid 2-Piece Case will cost only 6% of what it will cost me to repair a broken iPhone, so it’s a no-brainer that these iPhone 6 Cases are a great investment. Of course, I can’t stop there. She loves to accessorize and she loves the Jacksonville Jaguars. That’s right, folks— my better half is a Jags fan, too. We actually meet eye to eye on some topics.

iPhone 6 Case - Jacksonville Jaguars
Fanatics stocks iPhone 6 cases for Jaguars fans!

After I buy her the Jaguars Case, I will have to match it with a pair of Jacksonville Jaguars Shoelace Earbuds. Not to mention, she’s also an Atlanta Braves and Georgia Bulldog fan, so I’ll definitely be looking at some of the other iPhone 6 Accessories Fanatics stocks like the, Georgia Bulldogs iPhone 6 Polka Dot Thinshield Case and the Atlanta Braves iPhone 6 Stitch Thinshield Case.

As for me, the lone Android user, I have my simple Android phone and I’m extremely satisfied with it. It does what a phone is supposed to do: it makes phone calls when I need it to and I can play Fantasy Football anytime and anywhere, except at the office, of course. As a faithful Android user, I keep my phone protected with a nifty Jacksonville Jaguars Galaxy S4 Case. That’s really all I need; I’m a simple man.

All in all, it’s a win-win for the whole family. She gets to accessorize her iPhone 6 for any sports related occasion and I get to watch sports in peace, knowing I won’t be out hundreds of dollars because of an accidental drop. If you are anything like me and want to protect your delicate investments, then head on over to for all your iPhone 6 needs!



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