Houston Astros Home Run Hot Spots: Minute Maid Park


Long Bombs in Minute Maid Park

It all began in 1960 when Judge Roy Hofheinz and other members of the club’s ownership group saddled up and attended the annual MLB owners meeting in Chicago. During this meeting, Houston was awarded a franchise club in the National League. The then-Houston Colt .45s made their debut on April 10, 1962 after crushing the Chicago Cubs (11-2). The team was dubbed the Houston Astros in 1965.

The Houston Astros were the first team in professional baseball to introduce an indoor stadium to the Major League – hosting the first exhibition on April 9, 1965, against the New York Yankees in the Astrodome. The ’Stros have appeared in the playoffs 10 times but have yet to bring the Commissioner’s Trophy home to the Lone Star state.


Sometimes called the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” the Astrodome first opened its stadium doors to fans in 1965 – serving as a haven from the intense summer heat. The multipurpose dome was an innovative stadium in its day but failed to stand the test of time as modern ballparks began to offer luxurious amenities and dynamic game day experiences.

It wasn’t until 1996 that the Astros would muster up enough votes and later break ground for a new ballpark. The turn of the century ushered in a new age for America’s pastime in Houston as the Astros moved into their new home – Enron Field. Now identified as Minute Maid Park, the majestic ballpark continued the tradition of ingenious stadium designs by featuring a retractable roof.

Situated on the Northeast end of downtown, Minute Maid Park is a “jewel in the crown” of the breathtaking downtown skyline. The breezy ballpark welcomes open air into the stadium and is capable of hosting nearly 41,000 Houstonians – providing the means to stand tall with the modern ballparks in baseball’s Golden Age.

Round-trippers are often cranked out into the crowd, so be sure to remain on high alert while immersing yourself in the showdown unraveling before your eyes. Last season, the park produced a total of 171 home runs with the furthest dinger launching off the bat of Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’s first baseman, C.J. Cron, and landing a jaw-dropping 471 feet.

Minute Maid Park, Houston Astros, Houston, Texas


Before heading over to Minute Maid Park, check out our home run heat map above to see which seats boost your chances of snagging that once-in-a-lifetime homer from the comfort of your chosen seat.

Considering the ‘Stros led the American League in home runs during the 2015 season, Houston hopefuls come to each game with the intention of bringing that keepsake long ball home.

Minute Maid Park boasts various attractions such as the Phillips 66 Home Run Alley. Take a stroll through the alley, and you will find yourself wandering down memory lane as the walls are decorated with historical images from the team’s olden days. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself behind the left-center field, be sure to have your glove on-hand and ready for action (don’t forget to snap a photo of the classic home run–tracking gasoline pump).

While the fence line and Home Run Alley are favored hot spots, cozying up behind either right or left field will increase the likelihood of a dinger soaring your way – especially in sections 152, 153, 100, and 102.

Calling all Houstonians and fans abroad! The Astros are forecasted to win the AL West, so be sure to support the team every step of the way. Before strapping on those boots, head over to Fanatics to shop from the latest Astros threads and fan gear in the game!





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