Milwaukee Brewers Home Run Hot Spots: Miller Park


The Milwaukee Brewers began to play in 1969 – not in Milwaukee, but as an MLB expansion team in Seattle. The Brewers, then known as the Seattle Pilots, played only one year in the Pacific Northwest with a less-than-stellar season, ending with nearly 100 losses (64-98). An organization called Milwaukee Brewers, Inc., led by Bud Selig and Edmund Fitzgerald, brought the franchise to Milwaukee, where it has remained ever since.

A New Home in Miller Park

The team has taken the field at Miller Park since its inception in 2001, after playing in the Milwaukee County Stadium for over 30 years. The Brewers’ current ballpark features a fan-shaped convertible roof and unique seating areas, including four levels of front-row seating.  

The Brewers have yet to clinch a World Series title, but they made it to the world’s stage in 1982, when they took the St. Louis Cardinals to game seven, ultimately losing the series. The franchise also has the distinction of being placed in four MLB divisions over its history: starting out in the AL West for the first few seasons, switching to the AL East for a couple of decades, playing in the AL Central in the mid-’90s, and finally going to the National League in 1998, where the team currently competes in the Central Division.

While longtime fans remember greats like Hall of Famer Robin Yount and Paul Molitor, current fan favorites include Ryan Braun and Chase Anderson. The current lineup boasts over 95 homers in the current season, and there are certain spots in Miller Park where you may be more likely to grab one.  

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If you’re hoping to snag a long ball at Miller Park, sitting anywhere along the outfield is tops. However, according to our heat map, there are a few sections where your chances could be even better.  

The sections on either side of the batter’s eye are hot spots. Of course, you can’t hang out in the bullpens, but sections 238, 237, and 236 in the left field are your go-to sections to hit up. Friday’s Front Row is also a good option for not only an amazing view but also catching homers.

Out in the right field, sections 101, 102, and 103 may increase your home-run-catching odds. The first two are directly above the away bullpen and may be the target of the lefties in the lineups.

If you have a Miller Park outing in your future, consider sitting in these sections if you’re gunning for a home run ball souvenir. Also, don’t forget to head over to to grab a new Brewers cap, jersey, or T-shirt.




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