Chicago White Sox Home Run Hot Spots: Guaranteed Rate Field


The Chicago White Sox were established in 1901 as part of the brand-new American League. One of eight inaugural major league teams in the AL, the Chicago White Stockings (the team’s original moniker) won the very first AL game, and would go on to win the World Series in 1906.

From the Stockings to the Sox

Over their long history, the White Sox have fielded successful teams (they won the Series again in 1917 and for a third time in 2005), and many of their players have become household names. From Hall of Famers of yesteryear such as Luke Appling and Nellie Fox to more recent sluggers like Frank Thomas and Paul Konerko, Sox fans always have someone to root for.

The Chicago White Sox still play ball on the South Side of Chicago, but their stadium underwent a name and sponsorship change after the 2016 season. No longer known as “The Cell,” the White Sox players, such as José Abreu and Todd Frazier, now jog out to their positions at Guaranteed Rate Field. While the name has changed, the park is still much the same, and there are plenty of places to up your chances of snagging a home run ball.

Guaranteed Rate Field, Chicago White Sox, Chicago, Illinois


So far in 2017, Guaranteed Rate Field has been home to at least 58 homers, and in 2016, U.S. Cellular Field saw 185 balls leave the park. For your best bet this season, grab seats out in left or right field where balls are more prone to leave the park.

More specifically, the outfield reserved section is where the action tends to be, so in left field, grab tickets for sections 157, 158, and 159. If you’re hoping for some opposite field homers from your favorite player who bats right, or there are a bunch of lefties in the lineup, check out sections 105, 104, and 103 to better your chances of catching a long ball.

Balls that leave the park definitely travel, as 2016’s farthest long ball traveled 451 feet off the bat of Baltimore’s Pedro Alvarez. As far as White Sox hitters go, the longest arch off the bat traveled 440 feet courtesy of José Abreu.

If you’re headed out to Guaranteed Rate Field this summer and hoping to catch a home run ball, keep these stadium locales in mind when you grab your tickets. Also, be sure to check out for some sweet White Sox duds, and don’t forget your glove before you go.




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