Sports Traditions: Hockey Playoff Beards


Timeless Traditions: Playoff Beards

Thick. Untamed. Overgrown. Unkempt. These are just a few things you may think of when someone utters the phrase, “Playoff beards.” As teams advance further into the playoffs across a variety of sports – hockey, baseball, football – each team’s equipment manager may lose his entire supply of razor blades. How did this tradition start? Today we outline where playoff beards come from and we show off some of the most recent Playoff Beard MVPs.

Hairy Proposition

Whether you love or hate the bushy beards creeping onto the faces of athletes during playoff stretches, you have the 1980 New York Islanders of the NHL to thank for them. Ken Morrow, Clark Gillies, and other Islanders gave off a more rugged appearance with each game they played (and won). That season culminated with the Islanders winning Lord Stanley’s Cup and cementing their bushy, untamed face manes as part of sports legends.

Famous Fuzz

Look no further than the New England Patriots’ come-from-behind victory over the Atlanta Falcons to spot the beard of Julian Edelman. Now there’s a playoff beard!

While their coach, Bill Belichick, advocates for “no days off,” it seems the playoff beard has been retired for the off-season, according to Edelman’s Instagram account.

Boston and its athletes across most sports really believe in the playoff beard culture. In fact, the slogan for the Red Sox 2013 World Series run, and victory, was branded “#GetBeard.” When it comes to the most recent NHL playoffs, however, Brent Burns from the San Jose Sharks had one of the best beards on, and off, the ice.

If these guys don’t have a sponsorship with a major razor blade or shaving cream company for the postseason, they’re missing out!

No Close Shave

For those sporting a playoff beard, and dealing with itchiness or food getting caught in it, we salute you. You may not be able to grow a beard, but you can look a lot more like your favorite players when you’re sporting the best officially licensed merchandise and apparel. And that’s all available from





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