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Down in the ATL – Atlanta, for those uninitiated – students of Georgia Tech get the best of both worlds: quality academics and successful college sports programs. Founded in 1885 as the Georgia School of Technology, Georgia Tech participates in 17 different sports and a storied history of success throughout the years. In addition to winning the National Championship for football four times, they’ve also earned trips to the Final Four in college basketball and a 2007 NCAA Women’s Tennis Championship.

In order to help keep Georgia Tech alumni, faculty, staff, and students hyped at all of their sporting events, they need a mascot capable of fanning the flames of fandom. Let’s get to know more about Buzz, the mascot.

Falling into hump day like… Good thing I have such great Georgia Tech students to keep me up!

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Keep ‘Em Buzzing

Appearing at nearly all of Georgia Tech’s sporting events, Buzz the Yellow Jacket didn’t emerge as the university’s mascot until 1980, almost 100 years after the founding of the college. He’s part mascot, part cheerleader, and all energy. While Buzz appears at a significant number of events, the secrecy around his identity remains one of the most interesting part of Buzz’s lore.

#GTWhiteout game got me all sorts of ways. #CantWait #Soon

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Selected after a three-day try-out by the outgoing student performer, Buzz is not allowed to talk while in the costume. Those lucky enough to earn the right to play Buzz as a member of the school’s cheerleading program are only allowed to speak about their experiences as Buzz after they’ve completed their rotation. It’s also possible that the person inside the Buzz costume changes throughout the games due to the heat in Georgia.

Stinger Time


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