Georgia Bulldogs Dorm Gear all Freshman Need

Even though summer provides students with a relaxing break from school, every Georgia Bulldogs fan is excited for the fall semester to start back up for one reason: football. The start of the school year also marks the start of football season, and with Georgia ready to defend its 2021 College Football Playoff championship, Bulldogs fans have a good reason to want summer to end.

As the fall semester looms, the time is now to start preparing all soon-to-be Georgia freshmen for their first college dorm rooms and journeys as Bulldogs fans. With officially licensed sports apparel and goods of all kinds, Fanatics has made it easy for every future Georgia Bulldogs fan to secure their college essentials and deck out their new dorm room.

 Georgia Bulldogs 54'' x 84'' UltraSoft Blanket


The bed is the centerpiece of a college dorm room, so it’s also a great place for a Georgia Bulldogs fan to make a statement. An ultra-soft blanket with a giant Georgia logo will not only keep them comfortable but also let them show off their school pride, while this fleece blanket can provide warmth on chilly nights and facilitate dreams of winning SEC Championships. It’s never wrong to go with a pillow and blanket combination set with plenty of school spirit that will please any Georgia Bulldogs fan.

Georgia Bulldogs 20'' x 48'' Plush Bed Pillow


Whether it’s a top bunk, bottom bunk, lofted, or futon situation, no bed is complete without a few pillows. A mix of shapes, sizes, and styles creates a fun setup that any Bulldogs fan can enjoy — especially when they need some comfort after a rare Georgia football loss.

Georgia Bulldogs Wireless Insignia Design Earbuds


Also useful outside of the dorm, a pair of wireless headphones will come in handy on days when roommates’ schedules aren’t in sync. With headphones, one roommate can study for their toughest midterm at peace while the other watches the can’t-miss road football game against rival Florida. If headphones cramp their style, a pair of wireless earbuds will also do the trick.

 Georgia Bulldogs Embossed Door Mat

Welcome Mat

Make a great first impression on every visitor to the room with a welcome mat that oozes Georgia pride. Every Bulldogs fan will be dazzled with a Bulldogs-shaped doormat where they’ll be happy to wipe their dirty kicks clean as they enter their dorm room.

Georgia Bulldogs 60'' x 70'' Echo Plush Blanket


Even though Athens is in the South, it can get chilly, so make sure there are a few blankets on hand to keep new Georgia freshmen warm. Perfect for movie nights, away basketball games, and days when one roommate keeps the air conditioning on for hours, school-spirited blankets are a must for all Georgia Bulldogs fans.

Georgia Bulldogs Secondary Logo End Zone Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker


Just like headphones are essential for when roommates’ schedules don’t match up, speakers are a necessity for when their schedules do coincide. The right music can help set the vibe, so nab a Bluetooth and water-resistant speaker so the tunes can keep going no matter what Georgia Bulldogs fan is in charge of the playlist or how many drinks get spilled all over it. Without something to proudly play the fight song, how can true Bulldogs fans be prepared for game day? Pocket-size speakers are also great for taking the pregame party on the road.

Georgia Bulldogs Logo Stripe Design Nightlight 2-Pack


Not just for kids anymore. A nightlight is the perfect way to keep a touch of illumination around in the wee hours of the night. This Georgia Bulldogs Logo Stripe Design Nightlight 2-Pack offers a mature look that’ll help any Georgia Bulldogs fan navigate a dark dorm room for a two-in-the-morning bathroom break and get them back to their beauty sleep as quickly as possible.

Georgia Bulldogs WinCraft Chrome Wall Clock


While phones are handy for telling time anywhere, all rooms need some type of physical clock to tell the time during those long study sessions where students try to abstain from their devices as much as possible. A wall clock featuring the Georgia logo is a functional and classic option, while this savvy end zone-themed alarm clock features a calendar and weather forecast to not only get Georgia Bulldogs fans up for classes and kickoffs on time but also let them know if they’ll need a jacket before heading over to Sanford Stadium.

Georgia Bulldogs 31'' x 17.5'' Dry Erase Note Board

Message Boards

Message boards, one of the most underrated dorm room grabs out there, are a great spot for roommates to add function and a personal touch to their space. Any Georgia Bulldogs fan will love the options Fanatics has in stock, with cork boards to pin sports schedules on, chalkboards to jot down notes in the midst of group study sessions, and dry erase boards for quick games of hangman at halftime during football games on TV.

Georgia Bulldogs Fathead College Football Playoff 2021 National Champions 5-Piece Mini Decal Set


When moving into a new space, unfortunately, not everything needed is going to come sporting the school spirit that a Georgia Bulldogs fan desires. However, mini decals exist, meaning that everything a Georgia student owns can demonstrate Bulldogs pride. Sticking a 2021 College Football Playoff Champion decal on anything makes it better, right?

Georgia Bulldogs FOCO 10.5'' x 15'' Die-Cut State Sign

Wall Signs

There’s nothing exciting about the blank walls of a brand new dorm room, so wall decor is essential to make any space feel homey and inviting. Fanatics makes it easy for Georgia Bulldogs fans to boast school pride on their walls with tons of different signs to choose from, like this die-cut sign featuring a fun Georgia pattern or an illuminated Bulldogs logo that will make the entire dorm jealous.

Georgia Bulldogs Imperial 3'10


There’s nothing welcoming about dorm room floors either, with worn carpet or cold tiles likely outfitting the entire room. Thankfully, rugs are a quick and easy solution to hide drab flooring and provide room dwellers an opportunity to feature a statement piece. Georgia Bulldogs fans will love this Dooley Field replica that’ll make every day feel like game day or a Stegeman Coliseum floor version that’ll have them wanting to walk on to the basketball team.

Georgia Bulldogs 27'' Barrel Top Table

Side Tables

Surfaces in a dorm room can be hard to come by, with desks usually occupied by school supplies. Side tables are a great counter to that problem, providing extra space for organizers, gaming consoles, sports collectibles, memorabilia, or anything a Georgia Bulldogs fan desires but might not have the room for — yet.

Georgia Bulldogs 10'' x 10'' Floral Pattern Frame

Picture Frames

Every new place needs a touch of family and friends to feel complete, making picture frames a necessity for Georgia Bulldogs fans to reminisce on good times. A floral-patterned frame sporting Georgia colors and logos is a great way for them to feature familiar faces. They can combine great memories with their new home in a photo collage and ease the pain of a new long-distance relationship with a furry friend with a dog bone frame.

Georgia Bulldogs 24

Coat Hanger

It’s typically warm outside in Georgia, but every so often, Bulldogs fans are hit with bouts of bad weather and the occasional cold front. For those chilly basketball season evenings where a jacket is desired for the walk to Stegeman Coliseum, make sure there’s a dedicated space in their dorm for all their cool-weather gear by mounting a coat hanger. Plus, for the months when long sleeves are obsolete, it doubles nicely as a wallet, key, and lanyard hanger.

Georgia Bulldogs Fathead Giant Removable Wall Mural


Another fun and easy way to fill the empty walls of a Bulldogs fan’s dorm is by putting up a mural that will showcase their school pride. Make them feel like they’re a part of the action and scoring touchdowns for coach Kirby Smart with a giant Sanford Stadium print, or bring the best of campus inside with a massive rendering of “The Arch.”Desk Supplies

Every Georgia Bulldogs fan needs supplies to succeed in the classroom, so why not incorporate some school pride into their stuff so that they’ve got extra motivation? A leather laptop case gives every computer the proper place to rest, a mature and refined journal can safeguard all their notes, and a power bank ensures their phone will get to a full charge when it’s time for class but their battery is extra low.

Georgia Bulldogs Magma Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

Desk Decor

Not everything on a Georgia student’s desk needs to be school-centric, as it’s important to add some personal flair to the space to keep them engaged. Georgia Bulldogs fans will love this multifunctional lava lamp that’s not only fun to look at but also includes Bluetooth speakers to keep everyone entertained. A Georgia-themed piggy bank can help Bulldogs fans with fiscal responsibility as well as saving up for a ticket to the sold-out football game against Alabama.

Georgia Bulldogs 2022 Mini Wall Calendar


While phones are great at keeping track of days, it’s always clutch to have a physical calendar on hand to make sure that Georgia Bulldogs fans are staying on top of everything. A calendar is a must for all Georgia Bulldogs fans to have on their room, a weekly chalkboard calendar can help ensure that they’ll never miss a weekday basketball game, and a chore chart will keep their dorm room nice and tidy.

 Georgia Bulldogs 11

A Customizable Item

There’s no better way to combine school spirit and a personal touch to a space than with something customizable. Fanatics has multiple items for Georgia Bulldogs fans to make their own, like a welcome sign to greet visitors into their newly named dorm or a clock that proudly proclaims that the room is a place for Georgia Bulldogs fans only.



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