Gameday Commute with Landon Collins and Emmanuel Sanders

Emmanuel: Hey, what’s up, guys? Wide receiver, Emmanuel Sanders, with the Broncos.

Landon: What’s up, you guys? Heading towards MetLife Stadium, getting ready for the Jags.

Emmanuel: Football is back, baby. Football is back. You guys are about to ride with me to see the game. We got the Seahawks today, first game of the year. We need to win. Let’s go.

Landon: I got the two-door out today. That’s my baby right here. Love her to death. Let’s go on this tour right to the stadium. Let’s do it.

Emmanuel: Headed to the stadium, Mile High Stadium. Week one, we got the Seattle Seahawks, and just driving to the stadium, with just jitters. We got a team that’s… The locker room, the culture, it’s just so positive. A true brotherhood. And we got a new quarterback. I know Bronco Nation is going to be excited about him, man. He’s a good quarterback.

Landon: So, yeah, it’s week one. Preseason’s over with. No more waiting around, no more taking players out, no more resting. It’s time to get it started, kinda get heads cracking. Man, it puts a smile on my face just thinking about it.

Emmanuel: You know, being a veteran wide receiver, this is my ninth year. I feel like I still got four or five more years. I don’t think there’s a young guy out there that can outrun me right now, so just gotta go at the ball, go out and make plays, and keep the crowd on their feet, man. I wanna be that energy guy. I wanna be that guy, when I make a play or my teammates make a play, be excited, you know, lift people up, never bring them down. Always speak the truth. Just live by that code.

Landon: For this year for the Giants, we’re looking very, very good. We’re looking very well, healthy, very prepared for this game, for this season, this upcoming season. The guys are very focused, just to start all over with new guys, new faces. Not a lot of guys been on the team last year, so we don’t have to harp on what happened last year and returning faces, we could go back to a new slate and make sure and just start all over. Most guys came from winning teams, and it makes a difference when you come from winning teams because you know how to win. You know what it takes to win, and you know determination.

Emmanuel: Broncos fans are the best. The games have been sold out for I don’t even know how many years. I think it’s like 40-some years, maybe even longer than that, all the games have been sold out. So today’s gonna be a packed crowd. I know they’re excited. You know, they can feel the energy around the city that we’re gonna be a pretty good team, and they’re gonna come out loud, excited. All right, so we’re here, man. I appreciate you guys riding with me. See you after the game. 

Landon: This year in the NFC East, man, I’m very excited towards this year because not many guys, not many teams know what we have up our sleeve or what they’re to expect. It’s a whole new program, it’s a whole new faces, whole new coaching staff, whole new defense, whole new offense. So I think it’s gonna be a good run for us.

Emmanuel: Leaving the stadium now, feels good, man. We got a W. Yeah, it felt good to have 130 yards, too, to start out the regular season. That’s everything that I wanted. Start fast, get ahead. To have 10 catches, 135 yards, and an explosive play, and just keep making those plays, it just feels good. I worked my butt off. I dedicated myself, the past six months, and it just feels good to see all the hard work pay off. As much as I wanna go and celebrate this, I’m anxious to go and get in a cold tub and just keep working because I understand how the NFL season goes. There’s a lot of highs and there’s a lot of lows, and I just gotta stay the course. I can’t get overexcited. I gotta stay humble within myself, and keep rehabbing, keep taking care of my body, keep doing everything, the necessary things, so I can go out and make those plays over and over again for 16 weeks, and hopefully longer than that. Hopefully, we can make a Super Bowl run. So that’s my mindset.

Landon: What’s up, you guys? Landon Collins back here with my girlfriend Victoria after the game. We had a good, close game. Little mental errors cost us the game. That’s always the worst case scenario, but we got next week. I’m looking forward to Dallas next week, but we’ll be all right.

Emmanuel: I just pulled up to my house. I’m going to go eat, get me some rest. On to Oakland, so I’m looking forward to next week of…well, actually this week of keep getting better, and hopefully, next week, we can build on it and be two-and-oh around this time next week as well. So thank you, guys, for tuning in.

Landon: I appreciate you guys coming on on my game day commute. See you next time.



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