Frugal NHL Athletes


NHL contract can net athletes millions of dollars. And that financial adjustment can bring a unique challenge that most of us might wish we had: resisting the temptation to blow it all at every given opportunity.

But when it comes to money, these NHL players are just as cool and collected off the ice. Whether they’re staying true to their roots or making smart financial decisions, these guys make their frugal million-dollar lives sound pretty awesome.

Frugal NHL Role Models



Carey Price, Montreal Canadiens

Carey Price, goaltender for the Canadiens, may have a fat bank account (his net worth is around $19.5 million), but that doesn’t mean he cruises around in a flashy ride. In fact, he treasures his Ford F-150 pickup truck so much that he’s not interested in upgrading to a classier car. Price has always had a pickup truck and couldn’t imagine driving anything else. He also told a reporter in 2015 that when he has down time, he enjoys hunting and fishing.

Drew Stafford, Winnipeg Jets

Drew Stafford may be a pro hockey player, but that doesn’t mean he drapes himself in the finest fabrics money can buy. Some famous athletes are known for wearing the latest designer clothes, but not Stafford. In fact, his preferred method of dress is pretty casual; reports say he prefers plain black T-shirts, jeans, and baseball caps.

Jack Eichel, Buffalo Sabres

Nineteen-year-old Jack Eichel may be a newbie on the NHL scene, but even new players are known to make a buck. After getting drafted, Eichel found himself with a whopping salary of $925,000. Despite his newfound fame and fortune, Eichel still needed to find a home near his new job location just like any transplanted employee. Instead of dropping dollars on a posh pad, Eichel took an offer from his new teammate, Matt Moulson. Moulson said he could shack up with his family, allowing Eichel to saves tons of money on rent.

Saving Dollars: NHL Style

Future NHL prospects should look up to these three players as examples of what steps they should take once they sign on the dotted line. As hard as it might be to resist spending it all when cash is readily available, these guys may have it all figured out.

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