Fanatics’ Top 10 Most Unique Holiday Gifts

Sports fans will go to sleep on Christmas Eve with visions of that one officially licensed product that topped their list. From a new Khalil Mack Chicago Bears jersey, to Boston Red Sox championship hat or crewneck Alabama sweatshirt, everybody has the one can’t-miss item that they’re anticipating more than the rest.

But what about the gifts that you didn’t know you needed?

Fanatics is the leader in Officially Licensed Everything – and we mean “everything.” Anyone can rock the hottest new player’s threads, but only the most dedicated fans dig deeper to find those special items that will make a big splash among fellow fans at the next tailgate.

What do you get the Patriots fan who already has three Tom Brady jerseys? How do you shop for the Golden State Warriors buff who already dresses from head to toe in blue and gold?

Perhaps, you just need a little inspiration. That’s why we compiled some of our most unique products that will win over any fan on your list.


10. Electric NFL Football Games

Philadelphia Eagles Electric Football Game
Philadelphia Eagles Electric Football Game

An entire generation of NFL fans grew up with the iconic Tudor electric football games, first made in 1969. It’s only fitting that those same people now get the chance to share the tradition with their own football-loving kids.

As the game of football has evolved, so has Tudor’s electric football game, now coming in variations for all 32 teams with various speeds of players and cleats, as well as team-specific action figures to fill the board.

Getting the kids a Tudor for Christmas means a mix of nostalgia, and getting everyone’s eyes off those screens for a few moments.

More NFL toys available as a Christmas gift.

9. Golf Bags with Coolers

Chicago Bears The Bucket II Cooler Cart Bag
Chicago Bears Cooler Cart Bag

Few things go together as well as a warm day on the golf course, and a cold beverage. Enjoying both of these things used to require a separate golf bag and cooler. Not anymore!

Fanatics stocks these golf bag with cooler designs for an array of professional and college teams


8. Electric Wine Bottle Openers

UCF Knights Electric Wine Opener
UCF Knights Electric Wine Opener

Wine-drinking is often done in pursuit of relaxing, but there’s nothing relaxing about manually twisting open a bottle after a long day.

So, just have technology do it for you with this electric wine bottle opener, available for select teams. If your team isn’t among them, we should have a fancy wine bottle holder or wine glass featuring your team’s logos.


7. Foam/Plush Mascot Hats

Philadelphia Eagles Foamhead Hat
Philadelphia Eagles Mascot Hat

For some fans, wearing a simple ball cap or a snapback just isn’t enough to showcase their passion. Take it up a notch by shopping our range of plush and foam mascot hats, available for a range of NFL, MLB and College teams. Chances are, you won’t get caught wearing the same headgear as a fellow fan.


6. Foot Pillows

New York Jets Foot Pillow
New York Jets Foot Pillow

Slippers or socks may  be enough for you on those cozy nights. But for that one person you know who always gets cold feet, our foot pillows could be the perfect gift.

This gift is sure to generate interest throughout the holidays, and will come in handy on those cold evenings on the couch. We have foot pillows for a variety of teams. 


5. All-Terrain Folding Utility Wagon for Tailgates/Picnics

Arizona Cardinals Adventure Wagon Elite All-Terrain Folding Utility Wagon – Charcoal
Arizona Cardinals Folding Utility Wagon

Every tailgate has that one person who goes above and beyond in the food and drink department, always showing up with the supplies and feeding the masses. Doing so without the proper equipment, however, can be difficult.

Tailgates next season will be better than ever before if your chef is showing up to game day with his waterproof utility wagon. With structured all-terrain wheels, handles and foldable design, this is one of the most durable tailgate products you can find.

We have these tailgate utility wagons for NFL and College teams


4. Tailgate BBQ Multi-Tool

Pittsburgh Steelers BBQ Multi-Tool – Black
Pittsburgh Steelers BBQ Multi-Tool – Black

Maybe the person on your list is a tailgate griller, but on a more economical level. Instead of a big wagon to feed the whole tailgate, they need the essentials.

You can get all the basic barbecue essentials in one single Swiss Army knife-style tool from Woodrow. 

3. Team Toasters

Pittsburgh Penguins Puck ProToast MVP
Pittsburgh Penguins Puck ProToast MVP

If you’re lucky enough to support a team that still features a ProToast MVP toaster on our site, you should probably snag one before it’s too late. 

Because nothing screams “diehard fandom” like burning your team’s logo onto a piece of bread, and then eating it.


2. Team Ukuleles

Green Bay Packers Woodrow Denny Ukulele
Green Bay Packers Woodrow Denny Ukulele

There is a certain style of music to match every mood. Whether your team wins or loses, these team-logo ukuleles will allow the musically-inclined fan on your list to play a tune to match your team’s performance.

If ukuleles aren’t your musical forte, check out our team-inspired acoustic and electric guitars, drum sticks and guitar straps.


1. 3D Puzzles from BRXLZ

Tom Brady New England Patriots 3D Player BRXLZ Puzzle
Tom Brady 3D Player BRXLZ Puzzle

It’s not quite fair to call the 3D puzzles from BRXLZ one of the hottest fads in American toys, simply because the word “fad” would indicate it’s not here to stay.

In a twist to the traditional LEGO puzzle toys, these three-dimensional puzzles will put your kid’s problem-solving to the test while allowing him to flex his favorite team or player. We have hundreds of BRXLZ puzzles for most pro and college teams, along with several popular players.

Still looking for unique Christmas and holiday gifts? Check out the Fanatics Gift Guide for all the best deals throughout holiday season or look straight through all the sport toys results.



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