Fanatics Products You Need for your Super Bowl LVI Party

The Super Bowl might as well be added as an official U.S. holiday. Whether you’re a sports fanatic or don’t pay a lick of attention to football, chances are that on Super Bowl Sunday you’ll find yourself at or hosting a Super Bowl party. 

Lost in the madness of what spread of food you’re cooking up and what Super Bowl betting games to play, it’s essential to adorn your Super Bowl LVI Tailgate party with items that are either team-inspired or even Super Bowl LVI licensed. In reality, your Super Bowl party will only be as epic as its details – the decorations, activities, and themes that make people remember more than just what happened in the game. 

Don’t wait to scoop up your licensed Super Bowl tailgate essentials at the store right before the game. Instead, browse around Fanatics’ best items and get a head start on stocking your Super Bowl LVI party. 


Super Bowl LVI WinCraft Snack Helmet 

Make sure everyone at your party is snacking right! There is nothing more appetizing for a football lover than to eat out of a helmet, and if said helmet is repping the Super Bowl LVI logos, even better. Fill the facemask up with your favorite dip, snacks, nuts, or whatever you’re munching on come Sunday. 


Super Bowl LVI Eight-Pack Dinner Plate Set

Here we go! What’s a Super Bowl party without eating off of LICENSED Super Bowl LVI paper plates, anyway? 

For just a few bucks, you can make sure your party is decked out with the official Super Bowl LVI logos and signage for all to eat off of. 


Super Bowl LVI Plastic Table Cover 

The staple to any successful Super Bowl party is a table full of delicious food, and you’ll want to make sure the table is decorated just right for the inevitable Instagram story photos that your friends will be posting all evening long. 

Make sure your spread is one to remember with a Super Bowl LVI plastic table cover. 


Super Bowl LVI 16-Pack Lunch Napkins 

It’s the first Super Bowl in Los Angeles’ new SoFi Stadium, and you just have to make sure your napkins are following suit in celebrating the occasion. 

Pair up your new paper plates with the official Super Bowl LVI napkin sets, and feel free to grab a couple packs, because you know it might be a messy one. 


Super Bowl LVI WinCraft 12oz. Bottle Cooler 

Now, for an item that won’t need to be disposed after one use. Keep your bottles warm through the entire game (if you happen to nurse your drink that long) with this officially licensed Super Bowl 56 zip-up bottle cooler. Keep your favorite bottled beverage cold and snug all of Super Bowl Sunday. 


NFL Team-Inspired Cornhole Board Sets 

A staple of any outdoor get-together, a set of cornhole boards is something your party hosting system might be missing. Give your guests the chance to get some air and keep themselves entertained with one of America’s classic games. 


Franklin Sports NFL Deluxe Football Target 

Let’s face it – not every Super Bowl turns out to be the most entertaining game ever played. Sometimes, your guests need another activity to keep them happy if the game turns out to be a snoozer. 

Your partygoers will be pretty pleased with the chance to throw the pigskin for themselves with this simple, yet fun deluxe football target game. 


NFL Tailgate Tents 

If your tailgate is posting up outside, it goes without saying that you need a tailgate tent to keep you covered. And why would you get such a thing without emblazoning your favorite team’s logos and colors all over it? 


NFL Table Top Shuffleboard Game 

This is the type of gift that will not only take your Super Bowl LVI party to the next level, but also deliver as an underrated social game for a long time to come after the game is over. Get your shuffleboard on with this table top shuffleboard game that only needs a 45-inch table to be functional. 


NFL Team 2oz. Four-Piece Shot Glass Set 

Sooner or later through the course of the evening, this time might come. You may as well be prepared to look at your favorite team’s logo during. 


NFL 6-Piece Can & Bottle Cooler Variety Pack 

Your team may not have made the Super Bowl this year, but best believe you’re still going to rep them on the NFL’s biggest day. Make sure everyone at your party can do the same with this economy pack of can and bottle coolers, fitting everything from standard and skinny cans to bottles. 










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