Fanatics Breakaway NHL Gear


Wouldn’t it be great if fans could help design and influence their most treasured pieces of sports apparel?  i? When Fanatics took over this year as the official manufacturer and distributor of the NHL’s new fan jerseys, they did just that.

The Fanatics Breakaway is the first NHL jersey designed exclusively for fans. As part of an expanded multiyear partnership with the League, Fanatics was granted the jersey rights due to its world-class supply chain and innovative merchandise model which will produce and distribute jerseys and apparel for fans and retailers worldwide. Fanatics is creating a real-time shopping experience for fans with the ability to adapt quickly to market trends, hot teams/players, in-season moves and off-season changes. Simply put, Fanatics and the NHL are providing the widest assortment of coveted fan jerseys ever available across all retail channels.

Want to know the best way to look good and stay cool while rooting for your favorite NHL team, whether it’s the Chicago Blackhawks or Toronto Maple Leafs? Read on to learn about best way to look good and stay cool while rooting for your favorite NHL team.

The Breakaway


Are you wearing pads under your jersey when headed out to watch a hockey game with friends? The answer is likely no. The Fanatics Breakaway was redesigned from the ground up with the perfect combinations of fit and fabric, making it comfortable and easy-to-wear whether you’re at the rink or relaxing on the couch. Take a look at some of your favorite teams – from the Pittsburgh Penguins to the Las Vegas Golden Knights – to see how their Breakaway jerseys will look!

As a company committed to world-class design and breakthrough innovations, the Fanatics Breakaway is a technologically-advanced product born out of tireless consumer research and game-changing fan insights, the results of which led the Fanatics design team to produce a better fitting, fan-friendly option that won’t  break the bank.

The Breakaway solves many of the most common complaints about traditional NHL replica jerseys. Fans told us they were “too big” and the material was “itchy and scratchy.” There also was not a version designed specifically for female fans. We’re happy to report that we’ve addressed these concerns….and more.


Your FanFit jersey won’t look radically different than the one worn on the ice – it’s just made to be worn the way a fan would – without bulky pads. It also uses FanFlex technology for a lightweight feel, using the latest in breathable fabrics so you can stay cool even when the game starts to heat up.


Breakaway jerseys are even easier to pack for those crucial road games with FanFlex, one of the most noticeable features which allows the traditionally bulky numbers and crest to now bend and flex with the jersey when folded. Additionally, FanTex makes your coveted jersey better for daily wear and easier to lounge around on game day. The finally, FanID customization option allows for all the unique, personal lettering and touches you could ever want – from your name to a mantra and even a nickname.>/span>

For the Fans

Now that you’ve seen your favorite team’s Breakaway jersey, what are you waiting for? Get the fan-designed Fanatics Breakaway jersey today at





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