The Evolution of the Texas Rangers Hat – MLB Baseball Caps

The Evolution of MLB Hats – Texas Rangers

“T” is for Texas, and it represents the Rangers. In 1972, the new American League franchise kicked off their inaugural season with their lucky block letter “T” stitched into their caps. With two recent World Series appearances (and losses) in 2010 and 2011, the Rangers are right on the doorstep of major league glory. After 45 years of swinging for the fences, Texas is ready to hoist their trademark “T” into the rafters and onto a championship banner.

As MLB’s expansion plans set in motion, the Texas Rangers established themselves within the folds of American League juggernauts of the 1970s. They chose a classic letter logo for their first hat, in step with some of the timeless insignias of the teams within their division.

Texas Toppers

The Lone Star state is a functional one. Fashion revolutions may exist somewhere on the local level, but national trends are not springing from Texas. For the ballclub’s first 21 seasons (1972-93), the Rangers donned a block letter “T” in white and red colorways.

Everything changed in 1994 when Texas added a spur to the stem of their “T.” From that point on, the new insignia took on a more sophisticated look. The new hat logo also appears front lit, with blue and red shadows. Since 2000, the Rangers have tipped their caps sporting the classic white “T,” with a red shadow upon a blue backdrop. This red, white, and blue emblem has the look and feel of a classic Boston “B” or an Oakland “A.”

As the Texas Rangers have historically subscribed to the “if it ain’t broke” philosophy of hat logos, baseball fans should find comfort in their unflinching insignia. For new color combinations to enhance the traditional Texas “T,” head to for all things Rangers.




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