The Evolution of the Sacramento Kings Jersey

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The Sacramento Kings have only been around since 1985, but their time in the NBA goes way beyond that. The team started out in 1948 as the Rochester Royals with the Basketball Association of America. The Royals were one of 17 teams to participate in the merger of the American Basketball Association and the National Basketball League – creating what we know now to be the National Basketball Association.

Birth of the Sacramento Kings

In 1983, a group in Sacramento purchased the franchise for $10.5 million. When the team relocated, it already had a solid group of players including Eddie Johnson, Reggie Theus, Otis Thorpe, and LaSalle Thompson. The franchise then drafted Joe Kleine in the 1985 NBA Draft.  

Unfortunately, this starting roster didn’t do the trick for the Kings. Even though it did make it to the playoffs its first year, the team still had a losing record of 37-45. Success wasn’t to be had between 1985 and 1999, though. The Kings had 14 straight losing seasons.

Resurgence for the Kings

The 2001-02 season was a magical one for the Kings as they had their best year in the franchise’s history, ending the season with a 61-21 record – a huge improvement from years prior. The Kings kept improving and made playoff appearances until 2006 when they got out in the first round against the San Antonio Spurs.

While the Kings have gone back to their old ways of not being a top competitor in the NBA, they continue to have a great fan base, which supports them through the good times and the bad.

Jersey Evolution

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Though the Kings haven’t always played well, they’ve always looked pretty good. They’ve had many different jerseys in a short amount of time since they first moved to Sacramento in 1985.


Sacramento Kings 1985 Home Jersey

1985–1990 (Home): The team’s original jersey is a white jersey with “Kings” spelled out in blue and red script across the chest, with blue and red stripes also going down the sides.
Sacramento Kings Road Jersey

1985–1990 (Road): The King’s original road jersey is light blue with “Kings” written in the same red and white script.

Sacramento Kings Home Jersey 1994

1994–2002 (Home): The team changes the home jersey’s colors to white, purple, and black. “Kings” is also made bolder.

Home Jersey Sacramento Kings


2002–2008 (Home): The home jersey is kept white with a minor change in font. “Kings” is still placed across the chest, but now has a crown on top of the “i.”
Road Jersey Sacramento Kings

2002–2008 (Road): Instead of an all-black jersey for the road, the Kings change their road jersey to purple. They also change “Kings” to “Sacramento.”

Home Jersey 2014



2014–2016 (Home): Today, you’ll see Omri Casspi wearing an all-white jersey with “Kings” written across the chest in purple, which is similar to the jerseys of 1994.

Sacramento Kings Road Jersey

2014–2016 (Road): Sacramento’s road jerseys are exactly like the home jerseys – just flipped. The team wears an all-purple jersey with “Kings” written in bold font across the chest.

Want Your Own Sacramento Kings Jersey?

If you’re heading out to a Sacramento Kings game anytime soon, you’ll want to head over to to grab a jersey and root this team to victory! While the Kings have struggled, they’ve always had loyal fans … and loyal fans sport Kings jerseys.




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