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The Evolution of MLB Hats: Chicago Cubs

The defending World Series champion Chicago Cubs are primed for an electric follow-up to last year’s curse-crushing performance. As one of the most storied teams in the MLB, a follow-up championship appearance would certainly bookend the team’s success. In fact, the Chicago Cubs first one a World Series title in 1907 and again in 1908.

The Cubs first received their moniker from a local newspaper in the early 1900s in reference to its youthful roster. Officially adopting the nickname in 1907, the team has proudly worn the “C” for the past 110 years.

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For their inaugural season, the Cubs’ look was much different than it is now.

As for superstition in baseball, Chicago did not start the trend. After an inaugural World Series championship, the Cubs refashioned their logo the very next year, sporting a variation of the “C” on their caps. The away team’s pinstripes remained (although now blue), and this look stuck for a few years.

Baseball should be fun. So, in 1914 the Cubbies made a somewhat docile selection stitching into their ball caps a white bear cub resting on its hind legs with a bat tucked beneath an arm. There have been numerous variations made on “the cub” over the decades.

From the 1920s through 2017, Chicago leaned heavily on the “C” to distinguish their official hats. In 1926, a sharp white block-lettered “C” was utilized.

Throughout the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s, the Cubs adopted a classic ovular wishbone “C” The club restyled the shades used and even trimmed off the pin-tail for two seasons (1937-39), before resuming it from 1940-1956.

Now for the nostalgic white-outlined red “C” on blue. This insignia stands shoulder to shoulder with other classic logos, like the Yankees and Red Sox. The familiar Chicago Cubs “C” has remained essentially unchanged since 1957.



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From legendary Wrigley Field to the iconic Chicago “C” the Cubbies have cemented themselves in the bedrock of Major League Baseball’s foundation. The logo that was once akin to “cursed” is now synonymous with “champion” Will the Cubs repeat as they did in 1908 and return to World Series glory?

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