Dorm Must-Haves for Every Notre Dame Student

Even though it’s summer, it’s hard not to think about what’s ahead. Right around the corner is the start of a new school year, and for Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans, it means the start of a new football season. The Fighting Irish are coming off of a top 10 finish a season ago. They’ve revamped their roster and notched a new head coach, so looking ahead in this scenario isn’t too bad.

With new rooms to furnish, Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans who’re set to become college freshmen need to ensure they’ve got all the essentials to deck out their dorms. Fanatics has made this task easy with plenty of officially licensed sports apparel and sports decor that lets every Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan decorate their room with style.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish 20'' x 36'' Etched Wood Flag


Commonplace in dorm rooms, flags boasting quirky sayings and favorite logos are an easy way to inject personality into an abode. Go the extra mile for a Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan by snagging a classy, etched-wood flag that will be the envy of the rest of the dorm. For a more traditional look, this Notre Dame Stadium banner will get everyone hype for the upcoming football season and new head coach Marcus Freeman.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish 60'' x 50'' Frosty Fleece Blanket


It can get chilly in South Bend, so warm bedding is necessary for every Fighting Irish fan’s bed. With it, they can stay comfortable while they sleep. This fleece blanket with an embroidered logo is the ideal combination of warmth, comfort, and school spirit to have students dreaming of perfect grades and College Football Playoff championships.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2-Pack Buffalo Check Plaid Outdoor Pillow Set


No bed is complete without a few pillows, making them an essential part of any Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan’s new dorm room. Not just for comfort, pillows with fun designs make for an easy way to inject some character into a space. This pair of plaid pillows sporting Notre Dame colors is the perfect grab for all Fighting Irish fan rooms.

 Notre Dame Fighting Irish WinCraft Personalized 14'' Round Wall Clock

Customizable items are the perfect way to add a personal touch to any new space. All Fighting Irish fans will love to proclaim their dorm room as their fan cave with a personalized clock or wood sign hanging on the walls of their new crib.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Imperial 3'10


Chilly tile and worn carpet aren’t ideal for flooring, but unfortunately, that’s what most dorm rooms offer. Rugs are a way to quickly solve the poor flooring issue while also giving Notre Dame football fans a way to make a statement. A colorful rug boasting the Fighting Irish logo will make sure they’re displaying school spirit, and this Notre Dame Stadium field rug can have them starting every day with a touchdown. For a more standard look, one can never go wrong with the beloved Notre Dame logo spanning their floor.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Fathead 5-Piece Mini Decal Set


Stickers are a great way to add a touch of school pride to anything that lacks it. Mini decals can fit on just about anything, which is important because not everything a Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan needs for their new dorm room will come displaying school spirit.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish 27'' Barrelhead Clock


While phone clocks are handy, there’s no replacing what a physical clock can bring to a space in terms of function and style. Fanatics has tons of clocks in different styles, sizes, and designs that will make any Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan happy to check if it’s time for the game to kick off or to leave for class.

This barrelhead clock boasts school spirit with a giant logo, this slate clock does the same in a sleeker look, and this neon clock will let the entire dorm know who’s the biggest Notre Dame fan around. They can also pay homage to the campus’ most notorious landmark — the Golden Dome — with a sleek, gold desk clock.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish 26

Decorative Mirror

Among the endless types of wall decor out there, decorative mirrors are an underrated way to fill empty wall space. The mirror aspect of the decor amplifies brightness in a room by reflecting light, while the decorative factor can let a personality shine.

A leprechaun logo mirror is a classic option for Fighting Irish fans to demonstrate school spirit, while a version displaying the lyrics to the fight song can help educate visitors on the timeless tune. A football-focused design will help get every roommate ready for the coming season.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Fathead Library Giant Removable Wall Mural


Another spirited way to fill empty wall space is with a mural that encapsulates what’s great about being a Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan. An old-school mural of the football team on horseback can add a vintage touch to a fresh space, while a giant rendering of Touchdown Jesus on the wall can make every day feel like game day. A massive, gold shamrock will also immediately catch the eye of any fellow Notre Dame student passing by.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish 20.5

Welcome Mat

When moving into a new dorm, a Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan will want to make a good first impression when meeting their roommates and neighbors for the first time. Make sure they do so, literally, with a welcome mat showcasing enough school spirit to please anyone who passes by. This football-shaped mat is perfect with the start of football season right around the corner, and this personalized fan cave mat gives every Fighting Irish fan’s kicks a welcome spot to rest.

 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 15

Wall Art

The most timeless way to fill a room and show off some personality is with wall art, and Fighting Irish fans will certainly want to demonstrate their love for their school with theirs. This printed canvas features the leprechaun mascot that will make everyone get in the spirit, just like this 3D logo version that can add some layers to the space.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish 3D StadiumViews Picture Frame - Brown

Picture Frames

When moving out of the family house for the first time, homesickness can be an issue. Give a Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan’s new home a touch of their old home with picture frames to showcase memories of family and friends worth reminiscing. This picture frame combination and Notre Dame Stadium rendition can make for a merger all fans will adore, and this classic frame featuring the school logo comes with a bonus journal and pen that can also be put to good use.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Team Ball Point Pen - GreenNotre Dame Fighting Irish Zippered Writing Portfolio - Silver

Desk Supplies

Although Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans spend a lot of time watching sports, the primary reason they’re in school is to get an education. To make sure they do so, stuff their desk with all the supplies they’ll need to succeed in the classroom.

This fancy ballpoint pen will help Fighting Irish fans take notes with ease, and this portfolio will ensure that all those crucial notes have somewhere to be written down. This laptop sleeve will protect their computer so that every online quiz gets submitted on time, while a rosewood box can display and protect the most important possessions of a Notre Dame football fan. All featuring a crisp logo, they exhibit a touch of school spirit somewhere.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Team Mascot Mouse Pad


Every mouse needs a home, and Fanatics has endless designs so that every Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan can grab one that fits their style. A Fighting Irish pattern is perfect for those who ooze school pride. This floral design offers a more elegant look, while a combo pack gives them the option to switch it up when they want a fresh look.

 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Affinity Bands Silicone Apple AirPods Case Cover - Navy

Earbuds Case Cover

Earbuds are a staple for students these days, so make sure their pair is protected by covering them with something fun and functional. Any Fighting Irish fan will be overjoyed to adorn their original AirPods and AirPods Pro case with a handful of cover options featuring their school’s iconic logo.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish 6

Street Signs

A creative way to fill blank wall space and display school pride is with street signs. Any Notre Dame student will be happy to hang a school-colored Fighting Irish Avenue sign, be bold with a gold sign, or threaten to sack a rival fan with a parking sign declaring the room is for Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans only.



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