Cubs Fans Celebrate a Win 108 Years in the Making

It’s Game 7 in the bottom of the 10th inning. Every Cubs fan in the world is waiting in anticipation with a one-run lead, one out away from a World Series victory. 

Chicago Cubs win World Series 2016

There have been generations of friends and families going to Cubs game and loyal fans of a team that had been shut out for 108 years. Parents taking their kids to their first game and friends gathered around radios and television sets building a bond based on baseball. Everyone wearing their favorite Cubs t-shirts, hats and official Cubs memorabilia in hopes of a win.

There have been highs and lows for each Cubs fan during every nail-biting moment, but the highs had never culminated with a championship.

Times were the Cubs were very close, and times where hope never flourished. However, the love for the Cubbies kept each fan with some hope that someday it would be their day. The infamous Billy Goat curse plagued the team for many years, and for some, it’s the reason why the Cubs haven’t won a World Series in so long. Baseball is partly a game of omen, jinxes and curses. But for Cubs fans, it’s bigger than that.

Cubs fans are not just celebrating a team they have watched their entire life, but the memories they have gained while watching them with loved ones. Many are gone and many have aged, but the love for the game and the team still roars young. This is more than just being a fan it becomes a family game for generations.

So with one out to go, Montgomery pitches. It’s hit for a ground ball, picked up by Kris Bryant and thrown to first for the final out. It’s the beginning of the “someday” grandparents, parents, friends and siblings have spoken about for decades.

Tonight, it’s more than just a win, but a family reunion.

Cubs fans, young and old, have waited their entire lives for this moment to celebrate their team as World Series champions. It took an epic comeback and a Game 7 for the ages to make that happen, and the priceless reactions from these Cubs fans truly encapsulate 108 long years of suffering done away by a special 2016 Chicago Cubs team.



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