Cool MLB Hats on the Market and Takeaways about the Teams behind the Logos

MLB on-field hatsThe baseball hat is a traditional staple in the United States for all fans of the sport. Premiering in American baseball games, the wool-and-leather hat was created to help players shield their eyes from the sun. Nowadays, baseball fans can grab a hat that shows support for their favorite team. Just as the sport of baseball evolved, its hat also evolved to feature new-age logos and high-tech materials. Fans everywhere can wear the hat at the ballpark or admire it as memorabilia.

From the Cincinnati Reds to the Washington Nationals, all leagues in the United States allow their fans to show support in style. Below are some MLB hats on the market, including key information about the teams behind the logos.

Arizona Diamondbacks

The Arizona Diamondbacks are named for the Western diamondback rattlesnake, which has two dark diagonal lines on either side of its face. Also known as the “D-backs” or “the Snakes”, the team is based in Phoenix and played their first game in March 1998 at Bank One Ballpark. In 2001, the Diamondbacks beat the Yankees in the World Series, and in 2011, they earned a fifth divisional title. Some notable players from the Diamondbacks’ history include pitcher Randy Johnson, outfielder Justin Upton, and left fielder Luis Gonzalez.

The Diamondbacks’ on-field hat is a contender for the best MLB hat on the market because of its signature pattern. The hat is solid black with a red, black, and white “A” in the center. The “A” features the chilling pattern of the actual diamondback snake’s skin, representing lethality and power.

Boston Red Sox

A storied team, the Boston Red Sox have won the World Series an impressive nine times. Also known as the “BoSox” or “Sox,” the team was founded in 1901 as a primary member of the American League. They’re known for playing at Fenway Park, the oldest of all MLB ballparks. Some famous athletes from the Boston Red Sox’s history include designated hitter David Ortiz, outfielder Ted Williams, left fielder Carl Yastrzemski, and pitcher Pedro Martinez.

The Boston Red Sox alternate on-field hat is a baseball classic. It features a solid black color with the image of red socks on the front. The iconic red socks have white details on the tops, heels, and toes. The hat also has a red top button to contrast with the black color.

Chicago White Sox

Founded in 1894, the White Sox were originally known as the Sioux City Cornhuskers. Following Iowa, the team moved to Minnesota before landing in Chicago, its home since 1900. The Chicago team was known as the White Stockings before officially becoming the White Sox. Also called the “South Siders,” the team has three World Series victories. Some notable players from the Chicago White Sox’s history include infielder Frank Thomas, pitcher Billy Pierce, third baseman Robin Ventura, and infielder Nellie Fox.

Starkly black and white, the Chicago White Sox’s on-field hat is classic baseball apparel. The front of the cap features the White Sox insignia. The insignia contains intricate white lettering spelling out the word “Sox” with interlocking characters that slant downward to the right.

Detroit Tigers

With four World Series titles and 11 American League pennants, the Tigers are a popular baseball team in the MLB. They’re also the oldest baseball team in the United States to have the same name and stay in the same location for the duration of the team’s history. Some famous athletes from the Detroit Tigers include outfielder Ty Cobb, first baseman Hank Greenberg, and starting pitcher Justin Verlander.

The Tigers’ on-field hat is one of the best because of its simple and elegant design. The hat is solid black on its head and bill and features a new era “D” on the front. The “D” uses a stylized font and white lettering, showing the team’s history, refinement, and style.

Los Angeles Angels

Based in Anaheim, California, the Los Angeles Angels began in 1961 as an expansion team for the MLB. Owned by Gene Autry, the team was briefly called the “California Angels” before returning to its current name. Some notable players from the Los Angeles Angels’ history include outfielder Vladimir Guerrero, pitcher Jered Weaver, first baseman Rod Carew, and pitcher Nolan Ryan.

Having one of the more clever designs, the Angels’ on-field hat is stylish and interesting. The new era hat features a tall, proud “A” with a halo around the top, symbolizing the team’s name. The hat itself is a bold red, and the giant “A” contains red, white, and black.

Los Angeles Dodgers

With famous athletes like pitcher Sandy Koufax, Jackie Robinson, and Don Drysdale, the Dodgers are a classic baseball team with a long history. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in 1958. The team has seven World Series titles — rivaling the New York Giants — and was the first major league team to hire a Black athlete.

With an astute design and classic color scheme, the team’s royal blue on-field hat will be eye-catching no matter who’s wearing it, making the hat a great holiday gift. Though many of the hats in the MLB feature overlapping and interlocking characters, the Dodger’s hat is the only to feature letters that share lines. The bottom line of the “L” forms the horizontal line in the “A,” creating a stylized look.

Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers originally began in Seattle in 1969 as the Pilots, but they soon moved to Milwaukee and joined the city leagues using their current name. They won their first division title in 1981 and had a World Series appearance against the St. Louis Cardinals in 1982. Some notable players from the Milwaukee Brewers include center fielder Robin Yount, left fielder Ryan Braun, Paul Molitor, and Ben Sheets.

The Milwaukee Brewers’ on-field hat is one of the most clever in the league, featuring a design that incorporates both the team’s initials and logo. The “M” and “B” for Milwaukee Brewers stack on top of one another to create a baseball glove with a ball in the palm. With the Navy color and yellow accents, the hat’s stylish design and color contrasts create a fun hat for team fans to don.

New York Mets

Founded in 1961 as the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club, the team is also known as the “Amazin’ Mets” or simply the “Amazins.” The Mets have two World Series titles and five National League pennants. Some famous athletes from the New York Mets’ history include pitcher Dwight Gooden, catcher Mike Piazza, third baseman David Wright, and pitcher Tom Seaver.

The New York Mets’ on-field hat features the “NY” logo in orange and white against a royal blue background. In the alternate version, the bright colors of the logo contrast well with the solid black color of the hat. Both have a classic font in the logo that pays homage to the city’s history.

New York Yankees

The New York Yankees have some highly memorable players and the highest number of World Series championship victories in the MLB. Also known as the “Yanks,” the team last won the World Series in 2009 and had a five-win World Series streak from 1949 to 1953. Some notable players from the New York Yankees’ history include first baseman Mickey Mantle, catcher Yogi Berra, infielder Derek Jeter, and outfielder Babe Ruth.

The Yankees have one of the most well-known and popular baseball hats in the league. It earns this popularity through a simple and pleasing design: a white “NY” logo with two letters layered over one another. Unlike the Mets’ logo, this font is curved and uses the Sans-Serif, leaning toward a more modern and flexible aesthetic design.

Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners began playing in 1977 and are the only current team to not have a World Series appearance. Their players, however, have won some notable awards, including the All-Star Game MVP and AL Gold Glove. Some famous athletes from the Seattle Mariners’ history include outfielder Ken Griffey Jr., third baseman Edgar Martinez, right fielder Ichiro Suzuki, and pitcher Alex Rodriguez.

The Seattle Mariners’ on-field hat has a navy-colored head area and an aquamarine bill and top button. The logo in the center nods to the team’s name and their hometown. It also shows an elegant depiction of the rose compass, which represents the eight winds and directions a sailor can use when navigating the sea.

St. Louis Cardinals

Founded in 1882, the Cardinals hold the spot of second-most World Series championships in the MLB. Their first win took place in 1926, with their last win being in 2011 against the Texas Rangers. Some notable players from the St. Louis Cardinals include outfielder Stan Musial, shortstop Ozzie Smith, and pitcher Bob Gibson.

The Cardinal’s on-field hat is a stark red with white lettering on the front. The letters “S” and “T” come together to form the “St.” and the vertical line of an “L” for “Louis” overlaps the “S,” while the horizontal line of the “L” underlines the rest. Simple and elegant, the hat’s classic appeal and contrasting colors give it a spot on this list.



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