Chicago Bears Holiday Gift Guide from Fanatics

Holiday shopping season is finally here, and that means it’s time to give your Chicago Bears fan the ultimate wardrobe face-lift by browsing the Fanatics Chicago Bears 2021 holiday gift guide!

Any die-hard Bears fan will be ecstatic to find any of our holiday shopping finds under the Christmas tree this holiday season. Find every holiday gift that a Chicago Bears fan could want among Fanatics’ worldwide-leading assortment of licensed Bears gear.  

Whether you’re looking for holiday-themed Bears gear to showcase your Christmas spirit along with your Bears fandom, some of the licensed clothing worn on-field, or anything else, we have you covered.   

Display your Bears spirit with the Fanatics Chicago Bears holiday gift guide for the 2021 shopping season, and get the best savings and discounts while you’re at it.  

Chicago Bears FOCO Ugly Pajama Set

You bring your Bears spirit with you when you go to sleep and wake up, so why not showcase that on your PJ’s?   

The FOCO Ugly Pajama Sets have become one of our top sellers over holiday shopping season, and it’s easy to see (or feel) why. The 100% polyester, long-sleeved style is perfect for bedtime with an elastic drawstring waistband that ensures a comfortable fit from head to toe.  

Who knows, the Bears fan in your life may end up deciding to wear them to Soldier Field for the next game.   

Chicago Bears Zuma Cooler Backpack

You might know that one Bears fan who spends all their time on game day in front of the TV, but is always on-the-go the rest of the time. For those who are always running around, staying hydrated is key.   

That’s where the Zuma backpack coolers come in. No matter where you’re headed, you can go there with ice-cold beverages right on your back. The next trip to the beach, park, or road trip will be a breeze with one of these.  

Chicago Bears Light-Up Ugly Sweater

Yep, you guessed it. It wouldn’t be the holidays without the die-hard Bears fan in your life breaking out that tacky holiday-themed sweater with all of its Chicago Bears signage.   

FOCO has stepped their game up in recent holiday seasons with the addition of the light-up ugly Christmas sweater, with letters spelling the Chicago Bears draped across the front and the iconic logo on your sleeve. Just make sure to stay away from any bodies of water with this thing on.  

Chicago Bears Oversized Gaming Chair

Maybe the Chicago Bears fan in your life spends a lot more time at his or her computer desk than they do in front of the television watching football. Why not surprise them with a game-changer of a gaming chair to complete their setup?  

Not only will you rep the Bears sitting in this thing, but you’ll be impeccably comfortable. The oversized gaming chair is fit with a lower-back cushion to take the pressure off, with a memory foam seat that you’ll sink right into. It even features a pouch on the back, so you can store your controllers, remotes, whatever. With cushioned double armrests, you’ll be lounging (or working) in comfort. Oh, and don’t forget about the beautiful Bears logo right behind your head.   

It also doubles great as an office chair, for those working from home!  

Chicago Bears Dartboard Cabinet

It’s all about being comfortable at home these days, and there aren’t many games better suited for the garage, backyard or game room than an old-fashioned dartboard.  

This Chicago Bears dartboard cabinet features double doors that are emblazoned with Bears signage, so you can set it up outside without fear of the dartboard being damaged. Once you open it, you’ll find scoreboards on either side and innovative holsters to store your darts.  

Chicago Bears Apple Watch Bands

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware that the Apple Watch is a permanent wardrobe feature now for a lot of sports fans out there. Of course, not everybody has caught onto the trend of repping your team across your wrist in the process.  

We have multiple styles of Bears Apple Watch bands in silver and dark-blue colors that will fit any size of Apple Watch and keep you going in team spirit.  

Chicago Bears Tommy Bahama Shirts

There’s simply no feeling like wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt whether you’re on the beach or simply just vacationing. It’s not a secret why, as Tommy Bahama makes some of the highest-end products when it comes to comfort and leisurely style.  

We have over a dozen Bears Tommy Bahama products in our inventory, with everything from iconic polos and button-up shirts, to women’s cardigans and men’s swim trunks. Take a look at our selection before they’re gone.  

Chicago Bears Personalized Tumblers

It’s not enough to simply emblazon the Bears logo on your personal drinking device everywhere you go. Maybe you’re meeting up with a bunch of fellow Bears fans and need a bit more personalization going on.   

Chicago Bears FOCO Tote Bag

When you’re heading to the game, a tote bag is one of the easiest things you can carry. Whether you’re going to the stadium or simply heading to a friend’s viewing party, arrive in style with this Bears tote.   

Chicago Bears Timex Citation Watch

So you’re not the Apple Watch type? We didn’t forget about you, either!   

Deck out your wrist with the latest bling and make sure you’re repping the Bears in the process with the latest release from Timex, one of the top brands in wrist-wear. It comes in at a great price point and in all stainless steel with scratch-resistant glass. It’s also water resistant, so don’t worry about getting wet.  

Chicago Bears Socks

When you tell the world that you support your Bears from head to toe, make sure you’re covering the toe part with this economic three-pair set of Chicago Bears ankle socks.   

Chicago Bears Newborn & Infant Game Nap Fleece Sleeper

In your household, you start the Bears passion early. Make sure your little one is covered in the same Chicago Bears spirit that the rest of the family possesses with this cozy sleeper onesie.

Heck, it even features little Bears ears on the hood!

Chicago Bears Snowman Christmas Tree Skirt

Christmas time simply isn’t the same when you don’t have Bears spirit shining through along with your holiday decorations. Just like you’d cover yourself in Chicago Bears style, ensure that your Christmas tree is in good shape at the root with this Bears tree skirt.  

Chicago Bears Fanatics Pack Gift Box 

There’s a lot of options to choose from on when it comes to Bears gear. Let us make the decision for you, and bundle together some of our greatest Bears items in an affordable pack with great savings.  

Get a $107+ value for just $84.99 and look out for great markdowns and discounts through the holiday season.  

Chicago Bears Salute to Service Gear

This is the perfect way to support our nation’s troops while making no mistake of your Bears fandom. The 2021 Bears Salute to Service collection features some of the best styles yet from Nike, and you’ll want to snatch them up to wear alongside your Bears players and coaches throughout the month of November.  



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