What Does GSH Stand For on the Chicago Bears Jersey?

The Chicago Bears have one of the more iconic uniforms in the NFL. They are synonymous with tradition, with the old-school and smashmouth brand of football the Bears have been associated with for decades.

Chicago Bears Howard

Chicago Bears Jordan Howard (#24) – Running Back

Their simple dark blue uniforms, rounded numbers, stark and straightforward logo, and burnt orange accents are easily identifiable for any casual NFL fan. But odds are, if you’re not a Bears fan and didn’t grow up in Chicagoland, you may have noticed a curious element of the Bears’ uniform since 1984, the year before their historic Super Bowl season.

What does GSH stand for on the Chicago Bears’ jersey?

  • George S. Halas

It’s the initials ‘GSH’ prominently displayed in the tell-tale orange stripes on the left sleeve. So, what does GSH stand for on the Chicago Bears’ uniform? Well, they’re the initials of George S. Halas. Who is this Halas guy, you ask? Well, Halas played for, coached, and eventually owned the Bears. He was involved with the team in one capacity or another from 1920 until his death on Halloween in 1983. In his different roles, he had a hand in six NFL championships.

what does gsh stand for on chicago bears uniform

After his death in 1983, the Bears honored his historic legacy with the GSH initials on their left sleeve, where they remain to date. Generally, the evolution of the Bears’ uniform has mirrored the many variations of the team over the years, though certain elements have never vanished.

As uniforms have modernized over the years and manufacturers have changed, every team’s jerseys have changed. But the Bears remain one of the truest to their calling card and their roots, including their honoring of the late great George S. Halas.



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