Cardinals’ Johnson Delivers Fanatics Orders and Holiday Joy

David Johnson has quietly become one of the NFL’s most dangerous players. A dual rushing and receiving threat, the Arizona Cardinals running back has eclipsed all expectations since being drafted in the third round of the 2015 NFL Draft. He may not get the accolades of some of the league’s other big-market star running backs, but for Cardinals fans, he is one of the faces of their franchise.

Which is why, for a few lucky fans in the Phoenix / Tempe area of Arizona, Christmas came early this season when David Johnson himself knocked at the door. For five families who had placed Fanatics orders for the holidays, many of which included David Johnson’s #31 jersey, they had a surprise delivery. Johnson dressed as Santa or as an unassuming Fanatics employee, delivered these lucky fans’ orders in person. Watch the video here.

Johnson embodied what we here at Fanatics use as the pillar for everything we do. Our mantra is “By Fans, For Fans.” Every holiday season, millions of presents will change hands between family members, friends, coworkers, and even strangers. It is the traditional time of giving, of peace and good will.

And for every fan who uses an order with Fanatics to give a gift to a friend or loved one, it is a way to give and share one of our most common joys — sports. For us here at Fanatics, we share the joy of the holiday spirit and the passion for sports, but every order is also a precious covenant, a challenge and a promise that your present will arrive in time.

To ensure that every fan gets the joyous experience that Johnson helped deliver to these families in Arizona takes a passionate, dedicated, and massively coordinated effort across the Fanatics family. From offices and warehouses across the country, a complex web of moving parts has to function perfectly to ensure that our fans get what they want over the busy holiday season.

During the busy holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, our shipping and warehouse teams have to work in hyper-drive to ensure that millions of products are sorted, packed, and shipped on time to fans who are counting on them to give as gifts. Our goal is that every fan gets to share the magic of both giving and receiving this season, and we are proud to do our part.

A special thank you to David Johnson and the Arizona Cardinals for helping us in our holiday mission this year. A thank you also to ESPN, for giving a peak into what goes in to the proud work we do here at Fanatics.

Happy holidays from all of us.



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