Blake Bortles Reddit AMA: Jags QB Visits Fanatics to Answer His Internet Fans

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles has been well-known in his home state and new home of Jacksonville for some time, but the Jags’ run to the AFC Championship Game last season helped him to become a household name nationally.

It’s safe to say Reddit’s loyal legion of NFL fans were eager to welcome him to Tuesday’s “Ask Me Anything”, where Bortles dished out answers on football, fame, video games, autographing babies’ foreheads and everything in between.

Bortles visited the Fanatics HQ office in Jacksonville to conduct the mass online interview on Reddit’s NFL page, which has over 829,000 subscribers on the site. Just after leading his Jags to a 2-0 start, the fifth-year QB took over the Fanatics Official account to connect with the fans.

Bortles might portray a low-key demeanor, but there aren’t many places he can go in Jacksonville without being recognized – not even home. The Jags quarterback didn’t hold back sharing a tidbit about life as a celebrity.

After joking with a fan that the well-known location of his Jacksonville residence is “why I’m moving and not telling anybody,” Bortles shared some interesting moments he’s had with Jags diehards.

There’s been some instances where the doorbell rings at a weird hour and a kid’s just standing there wanting to talk. I live close to the beach and there have been a couple times where people came over and ended up hanging out for a while.

Blake Bortles (Fanatics Reddit AMA)

Randomly knocking on pro football players’ doors is not recommended. However, it sounds like it worked out for a couple of fans.

Of course, celebrity status for quarterbacks can often begin before they ever play on Sundays and Bortles proved that with a hilarious anecdote from his time interacting with fans at the University of Central Florida.

I signed a baby in college and I asked the lady multiple times, like this is permanent marker on your baby’s forehead, you sure this is ok? Kind of a Ricky Bobby situation.

Blake Bortles (Fanatics Reddit AMA)

Get you a quarterback who can sign babies, and show concern for their well-being at the same time. The Jags have one.

Speaking of Jags, Bortles made sure to use his time with the fans to rip on his teammates a little. Jags running backs Leonard Fournette and TJ Yeldon have become one of the best one-two punches in the league, but their partnership carries over into the locker room.

When asked about the “biggest locker room pranksters,” Bortles could only offer a two-pronged reply.

Without hesitation. Leonard Fournette. Not even close. By far. It’s just like childish things, he’s constantly messing with people.

Him and TJ together are like the bad kids in elementary school that are just constantly doing things to annoy other people. But they’re good about it and everyone knows it’s their personality.

Blake Bortles (Fanatics Reddit AMA)

Bortles may have to watch his back in the locker room. But when it comes to pass protection and third-down conversions, Fournette and Yeldon are no-doubt dependable.

The questions – and revealing answers – only began there, often delving into the sudden successes Bortles and his Jacksonville team have enjoyed in the last season-plus. After winning the AFC South in 2017, the Jaguars led an improbable run to the AFC Championship, coming just short of making the franchise’s first trip to the Super Bowl.

Jacksonville is certainly showing it has unfinished business to tend to after exacting revenge on New England and starting 2-0 on the season. After tending to the masses on Reddit, Bortles is back to work preparing for a key Week 3 tilt against division rivals Tennessee.



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