Best Places to Watch the World Series

Two of the most iconic brands in baseball, the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers, are facing off in the 2018 World Series! A thrilling season and a whirlwind postseason all comes down to two proud franchises battling in the Fall Classic, each with huge fan bases. Naturally, finding a ticket stub that will get you into any of these games may border on impossible for anyone who hasn’t been saving in their piggy bank for a while.

In the meccas that are Boston and Los Angeles, however, getting a seat in the park isn’t always a necessity when looking for an authentic World Series game-day experience. While practically any establishment around the cities will be airing the games, not all sports bars and restaurants are created equal. True fans want the absolute best spots to watch the World Series, and if you’re visiting Boston or Los Angeles, visiting these spots is a must.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Woodman

Several visitors to The Woodman have dropped a five-star review online, conferring the establishment is a great place to watch the Dodgers play. With towers of onion rings, a strong selection of beers, and several TV viewing options, you’re in the right place to take the Dodgers action without breaking the bank.

33 Taps

33 Taps is a place Dodgers fans recommend visiting before and after the game because it’s just that good! They also speak highly about the wings and about how the restaurant and bar take their sports very seriously. Fans celebrated the Dodgers’ NL champions series at both locations in Hollywood and Silver Lake and are surely ready to head back for the World Series campaign.

The Short Stop

Known as the place where “Dodger bros rub elbows with hipsters guys,” The Short Stop is a fine place to cheer on the Dodgers among like-minded fans. Don’t expect to find a menu of artisanal entrees with farm-raised, organic quail eggs, though – this is a sports bar through and through, and you must be 21 years of age or older to enter this pro-Dodgers dive.

Boston Red Sox

Bleacher Bar

Boston’s iconic Bleacher Bar is so synonymous with the Red Sox that you may be hard-pressed to find standing room during a World Series game, but the experience is worth the loss of personal space. Opened in 2008, Bleacher Bar is built literally underneath Fenway Park’s centerfield bleachers, giving bar patrons an actual look into the outfield. Filled with authenticity and intimacy, the bar is located where the team’s batting cage used to be and will be among the liveliest spots during the World Series.

Cask ‘n Flagon

 If Bleacher Bar is the new-age phenomenon around Fenway, then consider the Cask ‘n Flagon the vintage spot with an old-timey feel and tradition seeping through the floorboards. Located right across Lansdowne Street behind the Green Monster, folks can literally feel the drama unfolding within Fenway from the bar. There’s no better place in or around Fenway to put your finger on the pulse of Boston sports fandom and get the full experience of a Red Sox World Series atmosphere without actually getting into the park. 

The Four’s

For some fans, the most important thing is finding a bar that’s just far enough from the stadium to avoid the insane post-game traffic jam. The Four’s is still within the heart of downtown Boston right across from the Celtics and Bruins’ TD Garden to ensure you get the Boston experience but distanced three miles from Fenway Park. The Four’s has the feel of a dive bar with all the amenities of a sports bar, allowing visitors and natives alike the chance to experience everything Boston sports.

Big TVs, Full Bellies, Can’t Lose

Whether you’re taking in the game at the stadium inside one of these fine establishments, or at home with a group of friends, show everyone who you’re backing – the Red Sox or Dodgers – by making sure you have the best officially licensed MLB merchandise and apparel from Fanatics. Enjoy the World Series, everyone!




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