The Best Places to Watch The Orange Bowl


Are you a Badgers fan? Or a die-hard Canes fanatic? If you’re not heading to Hard Rock Stadium on Dec. 30 to catch No. 6 Wisconsin Badgers take on No. 10 Miami Hurricanes in the Capital One Orange Bowl, you may be experiencing FOMO. After all, it’s tons of fun to watch your fave team in the flesh. However, if you’re sticking around campus, all is not lost – college towns know how to do a few things, including watch football. Here are a few options near both campuses where you can support your team in the Orange Bowl.

Miami Hurricanes


Rathskeller (also known as the Rat) is an on-campus pub that caters to students, faculty, alumni and basically anyone else who is a Canes fan. It’s a natural choice for viewing the Orange Bowl (they even have a salad dish called the Orange Bowl). Watch your boys play in the big game with fellow Hurricanes fans and have fun doing it.

GameTime Miami

GameTime Miami is not only a full-service bar and restaurant, it’s also a mega-arcade with 165 video games, ride simulators, and prize machines. What’s better than taking in the Orange Bowl and blowing some quarters on some amazing video games while you get your food and drink on? That’s right. Probably nothing.


Bougainvillea’s (also known as Bougie’s Bar) is another South Miami pub just right for excited Hurricanes fans. They frequently have watch parties and the Orange Bowl is just another excuse to check out what they have to offer.

Wisconsin Badgers

Lucky’s 1313

Not too far from campus, Lucky’s 1313 serves up amazing grub and is a natural watering hole for college students and alumni alike. It also features a rousing game day atmosphere and should be on your short list for an Orange Bowl outing.

Kollege Klub

The Kollege Klub in Madison is a Badgers paradise and located just a hop, skip, and jump away from campus. Dating back to 1953, this student hangout has a rep as an amazing college pub, with a bevy of dishes to keep you full. If you’re looking for new Badgers fan friends, this is the place to go.


Sconniebar is Wisconsin through and through (it’s in the name, after all). Plenty of drinks and an amazing menu are only part of the draw – it’s, of course, a popular hangout for Badgers games. Rub elbows with other Wisconsin fans as you take in the game with a ton of friends, new and old.

TV, Grub, and a Win

Hurricanes and Badgers fan alike will be flocking to their local watering holes to cheer their respective team on in the Orange Bowl. If you’re headed out, make sure you have some new gear from Fanatics so nobody will question your fandom.




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