A Dominating Father and Son Duo in MLB

Colorado Rockies fans spent hours watching Dante Bichette and the Blake Street Bombers in the first 17 years of the franchise’s existence. Now, those same fans have shifted their focus to the Toronto Blue Jays, where Bo Bichette is one of the most promising players of the season. With a similar look and natural baseball skill, it’s clear that Bo is Dante Bichette’s son.

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Early History

The Bichette family knows what it takes to make a competitive baseball player. Dante reportedly tried to convince his youngest son Bo to try out tennis. He had experienced firsthand the competitiveness of professional baseball and already had a son who was interested in pursuing it as a career. Bo spent some time in school playing tennis but never felt as confident as he did when playing baseball.

Bo spent the summer of 2013 with his dad, who took on a coaching job with the Colorado Rockies. After spending time at the Coors Light Field, he decided that professional baseball was for him. Dante’s coaching history with the Rockies was short-lived. He moved back home to Florida to be close to Dante Jr., who was currently working his way through the MLB system.

He started homeschooling Bo so he could add baseball training into the curriculum. Dante bought a warehouse just a few minutes from their family home and equipped it with batting cages. He would spend hours with the boys there, helping them improve their skills.

Although Bo was home-schooled, he was still able to compete in baseball early on through Lakewood High School in St. Petersburg, Florida. He was quickly noticed in high school for his baseball skills, including being named the USA Today Florida Player of the Year, sponsored by Gatorade. He was also named Florida’s “Mr. Baseball.”

After high school, Bo had planned to attend Arizona State University to play on the Arizona State Sun Devils college baseball team. He never made it to Arizona, though, as he was soon drafted into MLB. Dante Bichette attended Jupiter High School in Florida and then went on to attend the Palm Beach Community College before also being drafted into MLB.

MLB Drafts

Bo Bichette was a second-round pick, chosen by the Toronto Blue Jays as number 66th overall. He succeeded in the minor league farming system, quickly working his way up to MLB, where he plays starting shortstop. Dante Bichette was drafted in the 17th round in 1984. He made his debut rookie appearance with the Los Angeles Angels in 1988 before he was then traded to the Milwaukee Brewers in 1991. Dante Bichette went on to play for the Colorado Rockies, the Cincinnati Reds, and the Boston Red Sox.

Comparing Stats

Fans who haven’t tuned into MLB since Dante Bichette dominated the field may feel like time has paused when they see Bo on the field. However, there are some notable differences between their stats. Bo Bichette made his rookie appearance in 2019 and finished his first season with impressive stats of .311, 21 RBIs, and 11 home runs over 46 games.

In his first year with MLB, Dante Bichette recorded a .261, 8 RBIs, and zero home runs. However, Dante didn’t really flourish until he was traded to the Rockies. In his first year with the Colorado Rockies, he recorded a .310, 89 RBIs, and 21 home runs in a total of 141 games. Dante was 29 in his first year with the Rockies. Considering Bo is a few years off from his 29th birthday, he may just surpass these stats.

Dante was traded to the Colorado Rockies in 1993, meaning he played in the franchise’s first year of existence. Dante went on to hit the first home run in Rockies history. He attended a total of four All-Star Games with the Rockies and won a Silver Slugger award. Dante spent a total of 14 years playing for the Colorado Rockies as an outfielder. He left the Colorado Rockies in 2000 and spent some time with the Cincinnati Reds and the Boston Red Sox before eventually retiring in 2001.

In total, Dante played over 1,700 MLB games. Since Bo is still in his early career, he has just a little over 130 games. This is exciting for TB Jays fans to imagine what stats Bo can achieve. Even better, he has superstar Dante coaching him and practicing with him at home in his off time.

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Nostalgia at Coors Field

Dante Bichette’s last appearance as a player was at Coors Field. Bo Bichette made his debut appearance in his first career All-Star game on the same field in 2021. Bo Bichette has fond memories of Coors Field, particularly from the summer of 2013 when his dad acted as hitting coach for the Rockies.

Bo has since reported that this was a major moment in his decision to pursue professional baseball. He was enamored by the ballpark lifestyle and thought he had what it took to go pro. And, he was right. He spent the summer working with the Rockies coaches and smashing balls off the Coors Field fences.

Although Coors Field isn’t a home field for Bo as it was for Dante, it still offers a sense of nostalgia for the Bichette family. Longtime Colorado Rockies fans may also feel the excitement of another Bichette playing professional baseball on the Coors Field.

All-Star MLB Players

Both Dante Bichette and Bo Bichette made the All-Star roster for their teams, despite it being over 20 years in between each player’s appearance. Bo wasn’t in attendance for any of Dante’s All-Star games considering he was born just a few months shy of his dad’s last All-Star Game. However, Dante was present at Bo’s All-Star Game of 2021, where he was named American League All-Star.

It’s hard to directly compare Dante and Bo’s skills since they play/played different positions. However, both are well-known for their hitting ability and power. Dante’s stats in his rookie year are less than Bo’s, with the exception of strikeouts. This is Bo’s one area of improvement and one that he can work on over the next few years of his career. Working with Dante at home, it’s likely that sports fans will notice an increase in all of Bo’s stats over the next few seasons.

On the field, Colorado Rockies fans may recall Dante Bichette’s jersey number 10. Today, Bo Bichette wears jersey number 11, claiming that he could picture fans wearing it by the end of the season.

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Legacy Trio vs. the “Blake Street Bombers”

Today’s fanatics may be familiar with the legacy trio that includes three of the most powerful Toronto Blue Jays MLB players right now. The trio includes Bo Bichette, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Cavan Biggio. Before the legacy trio, there was the “Blake Street Bombers.”

The “Blake Street Bombers” were made up of Dante Bichette, Ellis Burks, Vinny Castilla, Andres Galarraga, and Larry Walker. This collection of incredible baseball players formed their own legacy where they broke records and made MLB of the mid-1990s exciting. The legacy group’s name came from the name of a street across from Coors Field.

Lockout of 2022: Family Difficulties

MLB made news at the beginning of 2022 with a lockout. The lockout has now ended, but it did create some difficulties for father and son duos in sports, including Dante and Bo Bichette.

Dante Bichette worked for the Toronto Blue Jays, the same team his son is currently signed with. During the MLB lockout, team employees were prohibited from discussing the game with players, which made things complicated for some families. As a result, Dante resigned from his position, putting his relationship with his son first. This move allowed Dante to continue practicing with Bo. It also allowed him to offer fatherly guidance on contract negotiations, something that wouldn’t have been possible if he was still employed by them.

Another Bichette?

Dante and Bo aren’t the only Bichettes to play professional baseball. Dante Jr., Bo’s older brother, is also an MLB player. He was drafted in the first round by the New York Yankees in 2011. He went through the minor league farm system from 2011 to 2017. He has a playing style with competitive power and good double stats but has consistently struggled with hitting home runs.

Dante Jr. finished the 2019 season in the Washington Nationals minor league system. As of 2021, he is a free agent. Dante Jr. is often compared to Dante Sr. since he has a similar hitting style and build. When compared to Bo Bichette, Dante Sr. and Dante Jr. are slightly larger. Dante Bichette Sr. stands at 6 feet, 3 inches, and Dante Bichette Jr. is 6 feet, 1inch tall. Bo Bichette is slightly shorter at 6 feet.

Dante Bichette Jr. currently plays a first and third baseman. Bo Bichette plays shortstop. Father Dante Bichette Sr. played as an outfielder.

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